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It’s hard to be eating dinner…(when) just a block away, there are kids who haven’t eaten all day

But when the opportunity arises, you have to be bold to act on it, and have a bit of faith. That’s how we can be salt and light to our community.

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I then asked myself, “Did I give my all?”

With a common spirit and resilience, I believe Malaysia can rise above the challenges and bounce back stronger.

…whatever I do, do it with all my heart for the Lord and not for men.

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He has placed us where we are to be able to help those in need.

… every moment is a God given opportunity for us to change or touch lives, no matter how little it seems…

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I knew I did the right thing.

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This experience made me realize how much having a community is important in this pandemic.

It can be as simple as greeting them and asking, “Hi , how are you?”

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I wanted to do something, even if it were only small, to help them out.

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Who We Are As Malaysians (Teaser)

Who We Are As Malaysians

The past 2 years hasn’t been easy for Malaysia. It could very well be the toughest years of our time yet. But let us remember who we are as the rakyat of Malaysia. Together, we too can overcome this hurdle and come out stronger and more united than ever before.

Catch the full video on Malaysia Day, 16th September 2021.

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Prophesy Half-time Video from Pr Kenneth

"Prophecy" - Half-time Video
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Part of the testimonies from August’s The Hour of Prayer


Guiding Light Lyric Video:

Guiding Light (Lyric Video)

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