30 August 2021   -  Features

iSurvived Semenyih: Giving encouragement and providing reliefs to students

iSurvived Nottingham University, Semenyih, 18 – 24 July 2021

The team came to know of four postgraduate students who had financial needs recently. Since mid July, the iSurvived Nottingham team (consisted of students and young working adults) managed to gather enough funds through Acts Semenyih Homes. Even their campus’ doctor joined in to donate. The funds were used to buy groceries and paid for the food vouchers to aid the students. The team approached two local food stalls on campus to create a food voucher, recognised by the stalls. The vouchers were then printed and given to the students so that they can redeem their meals (which were already paid for) from the hawkers. They were very happy and grateful, and we hope to keep building our friendship with them.

团队们知道了4名研究生的所需所求。自七月中旬以来,团队们从 Homes 里筹集了一些资金,以及校园医生也参与了捐献。这些资金都用来购买了日常用品和食物劵来帮助这些学生。该团队还与校园内的两个食品摊合作。这些代金劵是刻意为这些学生所设计和打印的。他们非常的高兴和感恩,我们也希望能继续与他们建立友谊。

Here’s what one of the volunteers shares…

Shekinah Dalayya

A postgrad student who loves her campus

What made you do what you did? 什么推动妳做妳所做的?

It really broke my heart to think and even see those students suffering. I could not even begin to think of what they must have been going through, and I wanted to do something, even if it were only small, to help them out.

What did you learn from this? How did this experience change your outlook of our current situation in pandemic? 妳從中学到什么?这个经历如何改变了妳对自己在疫情中的境况?

It does not take a lot to help out someone. With the pandemic affecting everyone, it is hard to even think of how we can help others but regardless, it just takes a willing heart. All we need to do is as simple as just finding out and help out to the best of our abilities.

What is God saying to you now? 现在,神在跟妳说什么?

Throughout this pandemic, I know that God has always been by my side. And there are so many people out there who do not know that. I really want to be the person, to be the Salt and Light, through which they might come to know Jesus.

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