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Acts e-Newsletter (July 2022 Issue)

Why say "Yes" to the Revo Worship Project?

Q: Pastor, why did you say yes to Revo Worship Project and what’s the significance of it to the Revolution Movement?

Pastor Kenneth: Let me first share with you a quick story, about 27-28 years ago, when I first went into full time ministry, I had a dream from the Lord. A very clear vision. That revival was coming to Malaysia and that unity was going to be a big part of why that revival was going to come. I was a young man and had a big vision from the Lord. I went around knocking on doors. And just to cut the long story short, I had a lot of N-O. No! And some doors literally slam in my face. I knew that when the time came for me to be in that position of authority, of power, where I can help other young men, that will come my way. I will not say no. I will be ready to say yes. Now, 27-28 years later, being in a position of authority and ability with more to offer, I think it was very important for me to say yes to a project that I wished someone would have said yes to me many years ago. Yes, it is very very important. For God’s dreams, visions to come to pass but also because of unity.

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The recently concluded 1st Revo Worship Project saw 20 churches/ organisations collaborating to record 19 songs and will soon release these songs in stages!

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Revo Worship Project 2022: Talkshow
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