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iSurvived Cyberjaya: Creating a safe community for international friends

iSurvived Cyberjaya, July 2021

iSurvived Cyberjaya Team got to know an international student, who had recently finished her Masters and was trying to secure a job. However with the current circumstances, it’s been a challenge for her. She also has her own side business; styling hair and selling hair products but her business income has slowed down too.

In the end, she decided to fly back to her home country. However, she would need to pay RM600 for her rent before flying home. In order to gather sufficient funds, she tried selling off her belongings. When her Homes caught wind of her news, they raised RM850 in a day to support her!

我们团队发现一名外国学生刚完成她的硕士课程,并且尝试寻找一份工作。 然而,随着一切的发生,这对她来说莫非是一项艰难的挑战。她也有一份副业,就是理发和销售护发产品,但生意也不好。 因此,她就决定要回到自己的国家。然而,她需要在飞回家乡前支付房租,共计RM600 。她也尝试出售她的东西以筹集资金。当 Homes 知道了她的需要时,并在一天内筹集到了 RM850!

On the other hand, there were three of our students. Two of them were having a difficult time financially and mentally to cope during the lockdown while the third student lives with her mum, who has not been able to work since Covid-19. The team bought groceries for two of the students, and one of our Acts Cyberjaya families prepared home-cooked meals to bless the students and the student’s mum. They also wrote encouragement notes to cheer them on!
我们的三名学生 – 其中两名学学生在 MCO 期间有精神和经济上的挑战的艰难时刻, 而另一名学生则与她母亲同住,也因为封城导致无法工作。我们的团队为其中的两名学生买了一些日常用品,而一个来自于我们 Acts 赛城的家庭也准备了一些家常菜来祝福这些学生和那位母亲。团队们也写了一些鼓励的字条来为他们加油!

Finally, one of our students, Queen noticed that her classmate did not show up for exam. She got worried because this friend has always been on time and never miss classes. She quickly contacted her classmate and learned that she was having an anxiety attack. She sought after her iSurvive Team and together they reached out to her with a care pack to walk with her through it.
我们的其中一名学生 Queen,注意到她的同学没有在考试的时候出现。她感到非常担心,因为她的这位朋友非常准时并且从未缺席过。她联系了她的这位同学,得知她有焦虑症。团队们后来给这名学生送上了一份关怀礼包,并联系了她。

Here’s what one of the volunteers shares…

Queen Bahati

A student who loves to share God’s love around the world

What made you do what you did? 什么推动妳做妳所做的?

I’m very sensitive when it comes to mental health and depression-related news because I’ve been there, and I don’t want anyone else to go through that. If I can help someone who’s going through that difficult situation, I’ll jump right in and be there for them!


What did you learn from this? How did this experience change your outlook of our current situation in pandemic? 妳從中学到什么?这个经历如何改变了妳对自己在疫情中的境况?

I’ve learnt to be more sensitive to the people around me. This experience made me realize how much having a community is important during this pandemic.

What is God saying to you now? 现在,神在跟妳说什么?

I hear the Lord telling me to never miss an opportunity to be a blessing to anyone. It can be as simple as greeting them and asking, “Hi , how are you?” The Lord is teaching me to be more sensitive to His voice – to pray, listen and obey.

我听到主对我说不要错失每一个造福他人的机会。这可以是一个很简单的 “嗨,你好吗?” 主告诉我要对祂的声音要更敏锐 – 祷告、聆听和顺服。

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