30 August 2021   -  Features

Acts Klang: Launch Project Cheer and helped 66 families thus far

Early July 2021, Acts Klang launched Project Cheer after hearing of the needs of families around Jon and Ally’s house. Most of these needs were for groceries and basic household essentials. We raised funds among the Homes and exchanged them for 99 Speedmart vouchers, to be given to these families. In total, we assisted 66 families thus far – these families consist of refugees, migrant workers, barbers, and families whose parents have lost their jobs.
2021年七月初期间, 在听到 Jon 和 Ally 住家周围的一些家庭需求后, Acts Klang 推出了Project Cheer。这些需求大多是食品杂货和基本的生活用品。我们在 Homes 里筹款并换成了 99 SpeedMart 的购物劵,分发给了这些有需要的家庭。迄今为止,我们共协助了 66 个家庭 – 这些家庭基本都是难民、民工、理发师和那些失去工作的父母。

Another family had 4 children sharing one phone for their online learning. One of our Homies donated her pre-loved phone to this family.
另一个家庭有4个孩子共用一台手机来进行线上学习。我们其中一名 Homes 成员捐赠了一台二手的手机给予这家庭。

Here’s what one of the volunteers shares…

Alison Seow

Momma of two. Creator and storyteller.

What made you do what you did? 是什么推动你妳做你妳所做的?

It’s quite hard to unsee once you already know of the need. You can’t unhear the stories. It’s hard to be eating dinner, and watch your own kids dig into dessert knowing that when just a block away, there are kids who haven’t eaten all day because their parents can’t afford to even buy eggs. I think God lets us see and hear some of these stories to compel us into action.


What did you learn from this? How did this experience change your outlook of our current situation in pandemic? 你妳從中学到什么?这个经历如何改变了妳对自己在疫情中的境况?

Things are really dire out there. Most of the folks within our immediate circle still have jobs that allow us to work from home. But there are heaps of folks outside our circles who have absolutely nothing left, and who are really desperate. Their kids are drinking syrup water instead of milk.


What is God saying to you now? 现在,神在跟妳说什么?

To remain sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit one day at a time in order to stay effective and relevant. We pray to be used by God, but when the opportunity arises… it can be quite scary and uncomfortable. i.e. going out to send food when cases are on the rise. I’ll admit that it was scary and I wasn’t sure if it was a foolish to be doing. But when the opportunity arises, you have to be bold to act on it, and have a bit of faith. That’s how we can be salt and light to our community.

每一天都要对圣灵的引领保持敏锐,才能保持效率和实际。我们往往祷告被神使用,但当机会出现时…… 它可能会相当可怕和不舒适。例如,在确诊病例持续上升的时候出去送食物。我承认这非常的可怕,我也不确定这样做是否很愚蠢。但是当机会出现时,你必须大胆的去采取行动,有一点的信心。我们正是如此成为社群中的盐和光。

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