30 August 2021   -  Features

iSurvived IMC reached out to IMC Students

Lately, due to the real and rising challenges caused by the lockdowns in this prolonged pandemic, we felt compelled to reach out and care for the campus and university students. Our goal is simple:
Food for the stomach
Hope for the heart
Peace for the mind


And the power driving this initiative will simply be the power of friendship. Let’s start there.

iSurvived International Medical College (IMC), 14 – 22 July 2021
Team heard that 38 nursing students could not go back to their hometowns due to the lockdown (80% of them are from East Malaysia). We managed to raise a total of RM1,140 to buy some groceries for the students. Over the span of about 1.5 weeks, 14 of our Rangers (volunteers consisted of young working adults and a student) met up with the IMC students in 12 small groups to shop together with them.
我们团队听到有 38名护护士学校的学生因为封城而不能回到自己的家乡(他们当中有 80% 来自于东马)。我们设法筹集了 RM1,140 以购买日常用品给予这些学生。在大约一个星期多的时间里,我们14位 Rangers 守护者(由年轻上班族和一名学生所组成的志工团)与 IMC 的学生会面,并且分为12个小组与他们一起去购物。

Through the shopping, our Rangers got to know them more and different IMC students shared how much this shopping meant to them. They were touched to know that there were strangers like us who chose to bless them. Some were really shy at first but towards the end, they opened up sharing to much they have missed home. At the end of the whole shopping session, our Rangers also gave them hand-written letters filled with heart-warming encouragements.
通过这次的购物经历,我们的守护者们更加认识和了解这群学生,不同的 IMC 的学生分享了本次的购物对他们来说意味深长。他们很感动,知道有像我们这样的陌生人选择来祝福他们。 有些人一开始很害羞,但到了最后,他们开始分享他们对家的思念。在整个购物过程结束时,我们的守护者也给了他们充满温暖和鼓励的手写信件。

Here’s what one of the volunteers shares…

Ya Ling 雅菱

A young working adult filled with much joy and warmth

What made you do what you did? 什么推动妳做妳所做的?

Initially, I was reluctant, but in obedience, I said yes because this is a good thing that we’re doing.
起初我不是很愿意, 但出于顺服,我答应了。而且这是一件好事啊。

What did you learn from this? How did this experience change your outlook of our current situation in pandemic? 妳從中学到什么?这个经历如何改变了妳对自己在疫情中的境况?

When I chose to obey God, I experienced His goodness again. He set my heart ablaze with a love for people, filling me with contentment. In this time of pandemic, if we are willing , each of us can bring hope to those who are hopeless through love. When I saw the students shopping for groceries with a smile of their faces – I knew I did the right thing.


What is God saying to you now? 现在,神在跟妳说什么?

When God gives me a “mission”, He has also given me the ability to complete it. He will provide me all that I need, and ultimately I will be blessed, as it’s more blessed to give than to receive.


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