29 June 2021   -  Features

Homes is where we worship and heal

The MCO has been challenging for a lot of people. During one Homes, I sensed a certain downness in the atmosphere. Towards the end of Homes, I felt led to lead in our new song “Guiding Light” to minister… even though it was a totally new song to all of the Homies, the Holy Spirit moved so powerfully that night over Zoom to minister to hearts!

We spent time in worship and another leader and myself released words of encouragement that the Holy Spirit impressed upon our hearts. After the 15-min session, most of the Homies were in tears. One shared how she was having a very challenging day that day, and felt so hopeless that she wanted to give up – she was deeply touched by God that night to hope and carry on again in Him!

Another one shared that she didn’t know she was not ok until she broke down before the Lord. One more shared that tears just started to flow as soon as the song started even though it was her first time hearing it. Truly it is the anoinitng of God that will break every yoke and minister to hearts. Let’s hunger for more of Him.

Homes 是我们一齐敬拜,心灵得医治的地方。

行动管制令对很多人来说都是挑战!在一次的 Homes 里,我感受到当时的氛围异常的低靡。在 Homes 结束之前,我感受到要以我们的新歌 “领引的光” 来服事大家… 即便这对所有的 Homes 成员来说事一首新歌, 但是圣灵在当晚大大的运行,透过 Zoom 来服事每个人的心! 我们花时间来敬拜,同时另一位领袖和我也把圣灵放在我们心里的鼓励话语,凭着信心释放出来和分享。 在这 15分钟的时间里,很多 Homes 成员都开始流泪。

有位成员分享说她当天经历了一个充满挑战的一天,让她感到非常的绝望,甚至想要放弃 – 当晚她深深的被神所触摸,并且希望能在神里面继续走下去!



~ 秀丽长老 / Elder Shirley