29 June 2021   -  Features

Homes is supporting others through hard times

We also have 2 refugee families in our Homes. Things have been very tough for them during the MCO, and the kids had to stop school. We’ve been blessing one family with online groceries, and during last Christmas – the kids only had 1 simple wish, which was to have a Christmas tree at home. Hence, our Homies came around to get them a Christmas tree, together with a few presents and some groceries. Kids from our Homes also blessed them with some pre-loved books and toys for their friends. Apart from that, different ones from Acts Klang Homes also donated some good quality used furniture and fixtures, like beds, sofas, fridge, etc. – just to help make their home more comfortable.

Despite the challenges and uncertainties that they face, as well as with children to fend for, they are still keeping their spirits up by homeschooling their kids, teaching Bible verses to them, and learning a new language (French) – with hopes to be relocated to another country when the time comes. The other family reached out to us at the end of last year to seek assistance for his wife, who had breast cancer and had to undergo chemotherapy. The medical bills were a very heavy load for them. It was a desperate need and we were led to help them financially during the first round of chemotherapy.

the church of God never ceases to minister to real needs.

Unfortunately, the wife later went home to the Lord due to some complications. It was a painful time for the family. As a church and a Homes, we stood by them to support them as much as we could. Although the physical 4 walls of the church may be closed during the MCO, the church of God never ceases to minister to real needs. May we constantly look out for opportunities to help others.

Homes 是同甘共苦。

我们的 Homes 里也有两家人是难民。自从 MCO 开始,他们的生活变得更加艰辛,孩子们也不能上学了。我们为其中一家人在线买了一些食材,然后去年的圣诞节 – 孩子们只有一个简单的愿望,就是要在家里安置一刻圣诞树。 因此,我们的 Homes 成员凑钱买了一棵圣诞树,一些礼物和一些日用品。 我们 Homes 里的小孩也把一些旧书和玩具送给他们来祝福他们。除此之外,来自 Acts 巴生的 Homes 的不同成员也捐赠了一些高质量的二手家具和设备给他们,如床、沙发、冰箱等用品 – 只为了让他们的家更舒适。 尽管他们面临着挑战和不确定性,以及需要养育的孩子,但是他们仍然打起精神,通过在家教育他们的孩子,教导他们圣经的经文和学习一种新的语言(法语) – 希望在对的时机到来时可以搬迁到另一个国家。 另一个家庭则是在去年年底联系上了我们,为了他患有乳腺癌,不得不进行化疗的妻子来寻求我们的帮助。这些医药费对他们来说是一个非常沉重负担。不幸的是,由于一些并发症,他的妻子后来回了天家。对他们一家来说这是一个非常痛苦的时刻。


作为教会和 Homes,我们尽可能的与他们并肩携手来支持他们。 尽管教会的四堵墙看似在行动管制令期间关闭了,但神的教会永远不会停止服事有需要的人。愿我们能继续地留意更多帮助他人的机会。

~ Jessica Martin