29 June 2021   -  Features

Homes is discovering the meaning of life

In one particular Homes, we had 2 pre-believers joining. The word that night was a bit heavy for them but that opened the door for them to ask more questions about Christianity. According to their friend that invited them, they are seeking guidance. We’re planning to have a session to follow up and to get to know them too!

Homes 是发掘生命的意义。

在某一晚的 Homes, 我们有两位未信徒参与其中。 当晚所分享的东西对于他们来说似乎有些难懂,但也因此引发了他们对基督教义的好奇心。根据邀请他们参与的朋友所说,他们正在寻求指引。我们计划继续跟他们保持联络, 更加认识他们!

~Pr Gloria Paul