29 June 2021   -  Features

Homes is empowering others to love like Jesus

Earlier in April 2021, a few campus leaders started Campus Revo at International Medical College (IMC), located at Summit Subang USJ – together with two of my Homies who are studying there. IMC Campus Revo group meets every Saturday to pray for the needs of the campus, lecturers and students. Recently, after praying and listening to the Holy Spirit, two students felt led to bless the cleaners and guards who are working at Summit. They obeyed the leading – we started buying and packing for 25 people — each pack contained snacks, drinks and masks, and an encouragement note. When CN37 came to know about this initiave, some of us decided to chip in to help with this Revo project. Team work makes the dream work! Let’s continue to bless more people through small acts of kindness like this, and may they experience the love of Jesus!

Homes 让人有机会像耶稣一样去爱身边的人。

在 2021年的4月初,有几个大学生事工领袖在驻扎在 Summit Subang 的国际护理学院 International Medical College (IMC) 开始了一个 Campus Revo – 当时我两个在那读书的小组成员也参与其中。 IMC Campus Revo 小组每个星期六都会聚集,并且为那里有需要的讲师和学生祈祷,也会为整个校园祈祷。最近,在祈祷和聆听圣灵之后,两名学生感受到圣灵要她们去祝福在 Summit 工作的清洁工人们和保安们。因此,她们顺服了圣灵的带领 – 开始为 25 名员工买礼包。 每个礼包里包有着一些小零食、饮料、口罩和鼓励的字条。 当 CN37 Homes 知道这外展活动后,我们其中的一些人决定加入其中来帮助这 Revo 计划。 团队合作使梦想成真!让我们继续通过这种小善举来造福更多人,让他们体验到耶稣的爱!

~ Jessica David