29 June 2021   -  Features

Homes is where we look out for one another

We’ve seen how different ones look out for each other in this community (Flock) of a few Homes… one Homie sent out homecooked food including soup to a few young working adults, who are living alone during MCO. Another one offered to help with some basic cleaning and caring of kids when the parents are in need; A group of Homies collected a love gift to help with hospital charges for a birth of a baby from a refugee family; One Homie organised a bi-weekly support group/ Bible study for her friends (consisting of new believers, pre-believers and Homies), with a heart to minister to those who are feeling lonely and isolated during the MCO. Another Homie loaned a laptop to others when their device broke down. These were small gestures of care and love amongst the people within the community out of their own initiative

Homes 是我们守望相助的地方。

我们可以在这个由几个 Homes 所组成的社群 (Flock 群) 里看见各人如何自动自发地守望相助….. 其中一位 Homes 成员煮了一些家常菜和汤送给几位在行动管制令期间独自一人居住的年轻上班族。另一位则在父母有需要的时候帮忙照料他们的孩子和做一些基本的打扫;一小组的 Homes 成员为一个刚诞生小宝宝的难民家庭收集了一些乐捐;其中一位 Homes 成员为她的朋友们(由新信徒、未信徒和 Homes 成员所组成)策划了一个两周一次的圣经研读 / 支援小组,以一颗心去服事那些在行动管制令期间感到孤独和寂寞的人。当有人的电脑出现故障时,另一位 Homes 成员则把手提电脑借给了他们。 这些都是社群里的人们主动去关心和关爱彼此的小举动…

~ Daniel Kong