01 November 2021   -  Features

I will look to God and commit my job unto Him

Cyndy Chong 张馨怡

There was news in my company that there was going to be mass layoffs. I am not someone who struggles with sleeps but since I heard the news, I started having insomnia. It did not help when I witnessed my colleagues losing their jobs in one day. I was crippled with fear and worry, wondering when it will be my turn, and how I would be able to pay the bills.


Then one Sunday, I heard Pr Kenneth’s message about how to move forward. When Pr Kenneth reminded the church that we are all stewards to what God has given us, I had a paradigm shift on my own career. I began to understand that this job was given by God and my duty is to do my job well unto Him and let God take care of the rest. With the revelation, peace came upon me and I started sleeping like a baby again!

At the end of the day, God will take care of my needs. Instead of looking at the uncertainties, I will look to God and commit my job unto Him.

有一个星期天,我听见了 Kenneth 牧师有关如何往前走的信息。当 Kenneth 牧师提醒教会,说我们都是神所赐予的管理者,这完全改变了我如何看待自己的事业。我开始明白这份工作乃是神所恩赐的,而我的职责就是做好我的工作,剩下的就交托于神。有了这个启示后,一股平安充满了我的心,我又开始能像婴儿那样好眠了。