01 November 2021   -  Features

To move forward, we must see with our eyes of faith

Laura Leong

On 1 Jan 2021, I had to break the news to my family that I had Covid-19. It would affect my immediate family and my extended family of 15 people as we met over dinners in December. I was trembling as I was digesting that it was happening to me. The thought was heavier when I considered how it would be affecting others. Yes, my whole family caught Covid-19. My aunt ended up in ICU for 50-days.


I knew in my spirit that I have to get myself together. I spent time to strengthen myself in the Lord through worship. I kept singing “Way Maker” over and over again. Then I sent a prayer to our family group chat. I also took the opportunity to send a verse, a word of encouragement or a praise and worship song daily.

To my surprise, my relatives, who were not of the same faith, began to pray and responded with “Amen!”. There was such unity and agreement. There were times that the situation felt darker as the doctors’ reports were not getting better and my aunt was already in ICU for 1 month. It took a lot of courage for me to encourage my family to focus on God and not on the reports. Finally, after 50 days, my aunt finally came out of the hospital!

To move forward, we must be able to see what is ahead of us with eyes of faith. Relying solely on God and letting Him be in control of the situation. We are usually shaken because we do not know what the future holds, and that’s why the peace of God that surpasses “our understanding, our knowledge, our eyes” is all we need.

我知道我必须振作起来。我透过敬拜在主里坚固自己。我不断唱着 “Way Maker” (开路者) 这首歌。然后我也传了一则短讯到家人群里。我借此机会每天发送经文,鼓励的话语或分享敬拜赞美歌。