01 November 2021   -  Features

It’s not so bad to go back to office!

Jean Lee

As an extrovert, initially I felt a sense of loneliness when the lockdown began. I missed going out to meet people. I missed church.

Over time, I embraced and began to enjoy the WFH (“working from home”) experience. With more flexibility in time, I set aside my mornings with the Lord, worshipping Him while playing the keyboard, cook all my meals, explore my hobbies and try new things! Without the busyness I once had, I had more quiet time to reflect and make better decisions that I am proud of.

So when it was time to go back to office, I was surprised to find myself reluctant and sad about the change. I became anxious in going back to office. However, after my first day at work, I told my housemate that going back to work was really good. I was more productive than ever and I had forgotten how much I miss the company of my colleagues. It’s not so bad to go back to office!




Moving forward, I learned the value of spending time with the Lord. Being with Him helped build my confidence and identity. Also I am more intentional in how I spend my time so that I don’t get into busyness and missed out on what God has in store for me.