26 October 2023   -  Acts Replay

Bloom Testimonies

End of 2022 was tough for me, and I was dreading entering 2023.

In October, my grandma underwent emergency surgery, resulting in the amputation of one of her legs. One month later, my mum had to undergo urgent surgery due to kidney failure. This led to her having to go through kidney dialysis three times a week, greatly impacting her quality of life.

I received a call from her, and I could hear her crying over the phone, contemplating how to care for my younger siblings in her current condition. It was hard to imagine that things wouldn’t be the same when I returned home to Mauritius. Earlier this year, we began looking into arranging a kidney transplant for my mum and a prosthetic leg for my grandma. However, the doctor mentioned that my mum would only be eligible for testing in December 2023.

In June 2023, during one of our leadership training sessions, I started feeling unwell. Before taking the communion, I felt compelled to pray for healing for myself and my family members. Later on, I felt an urge to fast and pray throughout June and to take communion as often as possible, believing that through His blood, we are healed and made whole. On June 4th, which was my mum’s birthday, I asked her what she wanted. She expressed her desire to live a normal life without the need for dialysis. I shared with her my prayers and fasting.

Two days later, she called to inform me that the doctor had declared her ready for a transplant. It was evident that God was already working. My grandma also managed to obtain a prosthetic leg.

God has remained faithful throughout everything. He has been a tangible presence in my life and that of my family







This year, we decided to go for missions trip as a whole family. Two weeks before the trip, my son started vomiting, feeling fatigue, losing appetite and developing a fever. A few days later, he also began to have rashes and blisters. Soon after that, my daughter started to have high fever too. They both were later diagnosed with HFMD, and would need to be isolated.

When the siblings were in isolation, my mum-in-law suddenly had a fever and sore throat. Both my husband and I felt so exhausted juggling between caring for the unwell children and parent, work and housework. Yet, we knew that God is in control. Our Homes members, brothers and sisters in church were also praying for us. We thank God for His wisdom that guided us to care for our loved ones, as well as His strength that sustained our bodies, minds and spirit. Soon enough, my mum-in-law recovered, and the children’s condition was also under control – thankfully they only had mild symptoms.

We are indeed thankful that all these happened before our missions trip, instead of the week leading to the trip. Other Homes members also suddenly were slammed with various challenges, yet God helped us to encourage each other, as well as interceding for one another, as we went through all these trials. We know that God allowed these to happen for His good purpose.

Therefore, we were even more convinced that we should go for the missions trip, because we knew that it was a spiritual warfare, where the enemy tried to tear down our faith. But because of our obedience, we shall overcome all these challenges through our obedience to Him – for He is faithful. Through all of that, our faith was also exercised. This photo was taken when both kids were unwell, and we celebrated our elder daughter’s birthday. Don’t they look so healthy? All glory unto God!

今年,我们决定一家大小一起参与宣教。在去宣教的两个星期前,儿子突然呕吐,无力,没胃口和发烧。过了几天,他手脚开始出现红疹和水泡。后来,女儿也开始发高烧 — 随后,我们才确诊他两是感染了手足口症,需要被隔离至少7-10天。

当两姐弟还在隔离当中的时候,家婆忽然发烧喉咙痛。由于我们要照顾两小一老的同时,还要兼顾家务和工作 – 我和丈夫都感到非常劳累。但是,我们相信神掌权。Homes 成员们和教会的弟兄姐妹们也为我们一家祈祷。很感谢神赐我们智慧,在遇到这事时不慌不乱的照顾家人,祂也刚强我们的身心灵。家婆很快就退烧,孩子们的症状也受控了,感恩 – 他两是属于轻微症状。

感谢神这一切发生在我们去宣教之前,而不是去宣教的那个星期。其他小组成员同时也出现很多不同的状况,可是感谢上帝,祂让我们的Homes 在面对不同的挑战同时还能彼此鼓励,并且在祷告中记念彼此。我们知道神允许这些事情发生,必定有祂美好的旨意。

也因为这样,我们更加坚定要去宣教。 我们知道这是属灵的争战,恶者要来破坏我们的信心,但因我们的顺服,神必定会为我们战胜这些挑战,因为祂是信实的神。而我们的信心也被操练。这张照片就是两个孩子在生病中,为大女儿庆生时拍的。他们看似完全没病吧?一切荣耀归于神!

I am Nancy, a believer for 24 years. Ever since I accepted Jesus as my savior, God has never failed me. I always proclaim His promise from Philippians 4:15. He gives me the strength to face anything and has guided me through every storm and challenge in my life. He has made me stronger, sustaining me till this day, even at 60.

During the pandemic in 2020, I underwent cancer treatment. Despite 6 cycles of chemo, 25 cycles of radiotherapy, and 18 sessions of targeted therapy, I still managed to achieve my MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) consistently in my career. I am grateful that the pandemic forced us to adapt, turning my treatment journey into a marvelous experience. I looked forward to attending online meetings, wearing my beautiful wig, makeup, and learning new skills and knowledge. I couldn’t believe I could do it. It is only with God’s strength that everything is possible.

Moreover, I never forget to embody God’s spirit from Galatians 5:22-25, which makes me loving, happy, peaceful, patient, faithful, gentle, and self-controlled. This spirit of God lives within us, empowering us to change and become Christlike.

Hebrews 11:1 says that faith makes us sure of what we hope for and gives us proof of what we cannot see. By obeying God, He helped me win the victory over the challenging ‘C.’

God has opened many career opportunities for me. Recently, I received a call from an unknown person who asked me to propose to his partner, resulting in an immediate deal. When I asked my boss for the referral’s name, it was someone I had helped 9 months ago with a Christian funeral service for her 14-year-old son, despite the parents being non-believers.

Even when our acts of kindness go unnoticed by others, God sees and knows our efforts. What may seem like small deeds or encouraging words to us, God can use to bring glory to His name in His time and His way. Hebrews 11:6 emphasizes that without faith, we cannot please God. We must believe that God is real and that He rewards those who seek Him. To those who please Him, God always provides wisdom, knowledge, and joy.

Everything happens for a reason. Though we may not see it now, God will eventually reveal why His way is better than ours. His will surpasses our understanding. Trust in Him. Amen.

我是 Nancy,信主24年了。自从我接受耶稣基督作我的救主以来,上帝从来没有辜负过我。我总是以腓立比书 4:15 来宣告祂的应许。祂给了我面对任何事情的力量,并引导我度过了我生活中的每一场风暴和挑战。祂使我变得更刚强,一直坚持到今天,即便我已经60岁了。

在2020年的疫情期间,我正在接受癌症治疗。尽管有6个周期的化疗,25个周期的放射性治疗和18个疗程的靶向治疗,我仍然在我的职业生涯中实现了我的 MDRT(百万美元圆桌会议)。我感激疫情迫使我们去适应,把我的治疗历程变成了一次奇妙经历。我期待参加在线会议,带着我的假发、化妆、学习新的技能和知识。我简直不敢相信我竟能做到。只因有了上帝的力量,一切才会有可能成就。

此外,我永远不会忘记加拉太书 5:22-25 中所体现的神的灵,这使我充满了仁爱、快乐、和平、忍耐、忠诚、温柔和自制。神的灵活在我们里面,装备我们使我们变得更像基督。





In 2017, at 15 years old, some family incidents occurred. My father passed away, and my mother remarried before his passing. During this challenging period, I keenly felt the emptiness in my life, realizing I had nothing left except my sister and me. I was unaware of the existence of God at that time, and our lives were being arranged by those around us. This continued until I was relocated from Perak to Sarawak, embarking on a new life in an unfamiliar place.

Upon joining a new school, I encountered a teacher who is now my godmother. It was then that I started to learn about Jesus, marking a turning point in my life. God helped me release pessimistic thoughts about life and revealed that there is a Heavenly Father always watching over me, even when I was unaware of Him. Through the people around me, particularly my godmother, I felt His profound love for me. Even when my relatives were unwilling to care for us, He arranged for a godmother unrelated to us who was willing to provide for us. It was during this time that I sensed a fresh start.

Despite familial abandonment and the uncertainty of new surroundings, I now have a sense of belonging! God consistently provided everything I needed and used His love to transform me, guiding me whenever I needed assistance.

Jeremiah 1:5 states, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations.” This verse reminds me that God loves me, created me, and has a beautiful plan for my life.


在加入一所新的学校后,我遇到了一位老师,她现在是我的干妈。就在那时,我开始了解耶稣,这标志着我人生的一个转折点。上帝帮助我放开了自己对生活的悲观想法,并让我看见有一位天父一直在守护着我… 即使在我不知道的时候。透过我身边的人,尤其是我的干妈,我感受到祂对我奇妙的爱。即使我的亲戚不愿意照顾我们,祂也安排了一个与我们无血缘关系的干妈,她愿意抚养我两。正是在这段时间里,我感觉到一个崭新的开始。


耶利米书 1:5 这样说到,“我未将你造在腹中,我已晓得你;你未出母胎,我已分别你为圣;我已派你作列国的先知。” 。这段经文提醒了我,上帝爱我,创造了我,并且在我的生命里有一个美好的计划。

As I reflect on how God has been faithful in my life, so many stories come to mind. But the one main theme that runs through all the stories is His provision.

I graduated as an Electrical Engineer but only worked in that field for only 8 years. From there I took an almost 70% pay cut to serve God in full time ministry with Acts Church. Even with multiple loans to pay (both personal and for family), I was never ‘in the red’ every month. I could still go for Revo Tours, Mission Trips and holidays too! God indeed provided for me supernaturally.

In 2017, Joel and I were very much looking forward to expanding our family and having a few little ones running around us. When we found out that our first pregnancy had ended abruptly and we suffered a miscarriage, we were devastated. But we found rest and peace in Him. In that year, we grew closer than ever as husband and wife and truly enjoyed our time together with Him and each other despite the ‘bump in the road’ of our dreams.

Fast forward to today as a stay-home-mom to 3 beautiful children, I can only say it’s His grace upon grace upon grace that allows us to care for, love and bring up our family. I never thought I would be a stay-at-home mom much less one that homeschools her kids, but with the pandemic, the plan of going back to work got pushed aside. My dream of being a ‘teacher’ got fulfilled even without me knowing and if I were to have followed my own plans, it definitely would not have gotten me here today. Truly His plans are higher and His ways are higher than ours.

Through these many seasons and adventures, He has indeed been faithful to provide for me and my family in every way!


毕业于电气工程,但只在那个领域工作了八年。从那个时候起,我就以少了百分之七十的工资在 Acts 教会里全职服事神。即使有多笔贷款(个人和家庭的贷款),但我每个月都从不会有过 “赤字”。我还可以去 Revo Tour、宣教和旅游!上帝却是超凡的供应了我。

在2017年,Joel 和我都非常期待扩大我们的家庭,希望有几个孩子在自己的身边奔跑。当我们发现我第一次的妊辰突然停止,流产时,我们重重地被打击了,很沮丧。但我们在祂身上找到了安息和平安。在那一年里,尽管我们的梦想之路面对一些小阻碍,但作为夫妻,我们的关系变得更亲密,我们也真正享受与祂和彼此在一起的时光。

快进到今天,作为一个拥有三个漂亮孩子的全职妈妈,我只能说,是祂的一个又一个恩典,让我们能够照顾、爱和抚养我们的家庭。我从未想过我会成为一名全职妈妈,更不用说在家自己教育孩子。但随着疫情,重返工作岗位的计划又被推到了一边。我想成为一名 ”老师“ 的梦想也在我不知觉中实现了,如果我是按照自己的计划行事,今天可能不会让我走到这一步。真的,祂的计划更高,祂的道路比我们的更高。