30 June 2022   -  Acts Replay

Acts Replay (June 2022 Edition)

New Group meeting launched 新的集团会议开始了

A new Group meeting was launched where we look into aligning the 5 major expressions across 2 key channels – ie. AYA and Acts – to help provide direction for and fulfilment to our shared Vision as a Group. We’re focused on finishing what God has called us to do (John 4:34)… including revival for Malaysia.

我们开始了新的集团会议,让我们把两个主要的平台,即: AYA 和 Acts,的五个主要的表达管道一一对齐和调整,好让我们能引导并完成我们作为一个集团的共同异象。我们要专注于神所呼召我们去做的 (约翰福音 4:34)… 包括马来西亚的复兴。

Huddles Dinner with H1 and H1+
与H1 和 H1+ 领袖的晚餐聚

Such a joyous time to catch up with the key leaders from Issachar Epsilon & Sapphire Blue!

The Hour of Prayer on Tuesdays @ 1pm-2pm

Join us every Tuesday from 1pm-2pm for The Hour of Prayer! We have heard so many testimonies of healing!!! Meet the team behind The Hour of Prayer (THOP), who make a real difference in precious lives every Tuesday, by the grace of God!

来参与每个星期二下午1点到2点的一小时祈祷时段!我们已经听见很多医治见证了! 来认识策划祈祷时段的团队 – 靠着神的恩典把改变引进各个宝贵的生命当中!

Staff breakfast

The staff of AYA & Acts had a fruitful time of fellowship and an inspiring time of sharing! AYA
和 Acts 的全职员工共享了一段美好的团契时间和激励人心的分享!

Nation building

On 9-11 June 2022, Revolution Conference 2022 was held fully online and we had a total of 470 participants, 10 countries, 60 cities in Malaysia, 110 churches, 59 workshops and 60 workshop speakers.

Our main speakers for this year’s conference were Pastor Kenneth Chin, Pastor Rachel Bulan and Pastor Andy Yeoh. During the conference, we had Late Night Shows where we featured and interviewed different workshop speakers to see how God has been using them in their respective ministries. We also had a special segment where we featured the Revo Worship Project to hear the backstory behind how it all started.

We had a total of 82 new participants who joined this year and now we have a total of 923 members in our Discord Community who are Youth Leaders, sharing resources and equipping one another.

Revolution Conference 2022 于6月9日至11日完全在线上举办。共有470人参与,来自10个国家和马来西亚60个城市,也来自110个教会,我们也有60位讲员进行了59场专题工作坊。 今年的主要讲员是 Kenneth Chin 牧师,Rachel Bulan 传道和 Andy Yeoh 传道。我们也进行了新单元 Late Night Shows 来访问各个工作坊讲员以了解神如何在他们各自的事工领域使用他们。此外,Revo Worship Project 的访谈也让我们有幸聆听整个计划背后的用心。

今年,共有82人首次参与特会,现在,共有923年轻人事工领袖们在我们的 Discord 大家庭里分享资源并互相鼓励。

National SPO meet
全国 SPO 见面

The National SPO met had a fruitful meet-up! Pursuing God’s vision for Acts!
全国 SPO 团队有个美好的会面!齐心追随神给予 Acts 教会的异象!

Breakthrough at Acts Osaka Homes
Acts 大阪 Homes 的突破

Our little Acts Osaka hub was packed out with a record-breaking number of 13 people in the recent Homes! We are so happy to have a new Japanese friend join us as well. It was a great time eating, worshipping, discovering God’s word and connecting with each other.

この前のホームズでは、13人も参加してくれ、今までの最高記録でした!新しい日本人の友達も参加してくれ、とてもうれしかったです。 食事をしたり、賛美したり、神の言葉を発見したり、お互いの事に付いて知れて素晴らしい時間でした。

我们在 Acts 大阪的小小中心有个突破的人数,共有13人参与 Homes! 我们也非常高兴看见有一位新朋友来参与。人们有个美好的共餐,敬拜,认识神的话语和与彼此联系的美好时段。

Appreciating all the fathers

Acts celebrated Father’s Day all across our worship services! Cheering all the dads on! Here’s a special video: https://youtu.be/14WIGeM5av8 Acts Mandarin also presented a heart-warming video, to watch: https://youtu.be/wgUBqhHuwfk

Acts 教会也在各个地点欢庆父亲节!我们为每一位爸爸加油打气!华语社群也为用心预备了一个温暖心房的短片: https://youtu.be/wgUBqhHuwfk 这里也有一个英语视频: https://youtu.be/14WIGeM5av8

New church-plant: Acts Bandar Utama
全新的植会: Acts 万达镇

It was a good time at Acts Bandar Utama Curiousi-Tea! Pray with us as we launch on 3 July!
Acts 万达镇有一场很棒的 Curiousi-Tea! 请为我们祈祷,我们将在7月3日开办!

Japanese Fellowship

For this round’s gathering, we explored the parable of the sower together with 2 new friends and had a good time celebrating the birthday of one of our precious sisters.

Acts Men Devotion (AMD)
Acts 男生灵修夜

What a fruitful Acts Men Devotion with Bro. Vela Tan! Join us for the next one on 17 July.
太棒的 Acts 男生灵修夜,有机会聆听 Vela Tan 弟兄的分享! 邀请你在7月17日来参与。

Raising leaders for His house

Session One of a new term of the “12 Points of Leadership” that started last month concluded end June. We thank God for every one of these precious potential leaders.

在上个月开办的 “12 Points of Leadership” (译: “领袖的12个要点”) 的新学期在六月底圆满结束了。我们为每一位未来的领袖们感谢神!

Huddles Retreat

Pastors Kenneth and Sandra spent time and invested into the H1 & H1+ leaders of Naphtali Theta & Agate Brown! Precious memories!
Kenneth 牧师和 Sandra 传道抽时间投资于来自利拿弗他利西塔和的玛瑙褐 H1 和 H1+ 领袖!宝贵的回忆!

Acts Singapore celebrates 13 years of God’s faithfulness
Acts 新加坡欢庆神在过去13年里的信实

Acts Singapore had an amazing weekend celebrating 13th anniversary and commisisoned leaders at the beautiful new venue that God has provided!

Acts 新加坡有个超棒的周末 – 欢庆13年周年和为人里领袖 – 在神所预备的美好和全新的场所!