30 December 2022   -  Acts Replay

Acts Replay (January 2023 Edition)

Investing into relationships

Pastors Kenneth and Sandra had a precious time with the H1 & H1+ leaders from Beryl Red, Onyx Black, Zebulun Zeta and Diamond White!

Kenneth 牧师和 Sandra 传道与来自以绿柱石红,缟玛瑙黑,西布伦截塔和钻石白的 H1与H1+核心领袖一段宝贵的相聚时光!

Bringing cheer to children

Acts Klang’s Christmas Cheer saw 62 volunteers blessing approximately 100 of precious kids – with Christmas carols and skit, games, art and craft activity, shoebox gift projects and tea time!

Acts 巴生的圣诞欢乐计划共有62位志工与约100名孩子共度美好的时光 – 欢唱圣诞诗歌,表演话剧,游戏,创意手工,鞋盒礼物还有共享下午茶!

Legacy Building Project updates

Renovation at Legacy Global Training Centra has started! Pray for God’s wisdom, continued favour and strength to be upon the Project Team. For the latest updates, kindly visit: https://legacystudios.actschurch.org/

装修工程已经如火如荼地开始了! 祈祷神的智慧、恩宠和力量临到策划团队。 想知道最新的消息,敬请浏览: https://legacystudios.actschurch.org/

AYA iSurvived Volunteers and Internship Programme AYA iSurvived 志工与实习计划

It was a meaningful graduation for our young interns who have spent time at AYA/ Acts for the past few months with committed trainers and coaches!

这是一场意义深厚的毕业礼 – 我们几位年轻的实习员在委身的培训者和教练们的见证之下,圆满地为自己在过去几个月于 AYA 和 Acts 的实习路程画上了句号!

A rocking Christmas party organised by Acts Family
由 Acts 家庭事工所举办的一场嗨翻天的圣诞派对

155 people joined the recent Acts Family Chrismas Party! It was a precious evening filled with joy and love!

共有155人参与了 Acts 家庭圣诞派对!那是一场满有喜乐与爱的傍晚!

Ministering at Banner of Love Church
在 Banner of Love 教会服事

Pastor Kenneth was so blessed to be with Pastor David Goh and friends at Banner of Love on 11 December! It is one of the most generous and missions-minded churches that Pastor has had the privilege to know for many years.

Kenneth 牧师非常有幸受邀于12月11日与 David Goh 牧师和 Banner of Love 的朋友们同聚!那是一所牧师多年认识的众多教会中,最为慷慨又专注于宣教的教会之一。

Spreading Christmas Cheer right where we are

The staff of AYA and Acts visited the owners and workers at the shops right in Summit Subang USJ, and blessed them with some little christmas delights!

AYA 和 Acts 全职人员带了一些圣诞小礼物去拜访在 Summit Subang USJ 的店面老板和员工!

Acts Osaka update
Acts 大阪最新消息

We sent our missionaries to Japan to learn the language and make friends for two years! They recently graduated not only top of their classes but also with a glowing testimony among their teachers and friends So proud of them! In the same period of time, they’ve also managed to start a Homes as well as a Sunday worship service with over a dozen people in attendance thus far. Praise the Lord! All things are possible to them that believe!

我们差了两位宣教士前往大阪两年前去学日语和结交朋友!他两最近不仅以高材生的成绩毕业了,老师们和同学们更对他们好评连连。我们太为他们感到骄傲!在那同时,他们也成功开办了一个 Homes 和星期天敬拜聚会,现有十几二十人参与。赞美神!对于相信的人,什么都能!

Christmas Cheer at the hospital

Acts Ampang brought beautiful carols to the staff ad patients at ALTY Orthopedic Hospital and brought smiles on many faces!

Acts 安邦把美妙的圣诞诗歌送给了 ALTY 骨科外科医院的医务人员和病人 – 当天是笑脸满满的哟!

Ministering in East Malaysia

Thank you for praying for Pastor Kenneth as he ministered at Covenant Church, Sandakan! Praise the Lord for the many hands that were raised in response to the salvation call!

感谢大家为牧师祈祷,牧师到山打根 Covenant 教会服事!当晚有很多人举手回应要相信并跟随耶稣,赞美神!

Acts Bekasi, Indonesia
Acts 贝加西,印尼

Thank God for 138 new souls at our Christmas rally in Acts Bekasi, Jakarta! May they all be discipled to make disciples!

位于雅加达的 Acts 贝加西圣诞布道会有138人决定相信并跟随耶稣,感谢神!愿他们受培训去去使万民作门徒!

Fulfilling the Great Commission

Our young missionaries that were sent to serve at 4 locations (Malysia and Indonesia) came back wth many inspiring testimonies! Cheering them on!


Chinese Alpha 2022 concluded 2022

A total of 2 salvations for this semester of Chinese Alpha! And another sister received the gift of tongues too. Praise the Lord for transformed lives!


Celebrating the goodness of God

The staff of AYA and Acts had a great time together filled with good food, fun and faith – celebrating God’s goodness this Christmas!

AYA 和 Acts 的全体职员同聚一堂吃喝玩乐 – 美好的食物,充满欢乐,信心满满 – 借这次圣诞来欢庆神的美好!

Ministering at Trinity Baptist Church, Alor Setar (Kedah)
在吉打州亚罗士打 Trinity 浸信教会

Praise God for the many lives ministered and touched by God at the evangelistic healing Christmas rally!


Acts celebrated Christmas in various locations
Acts 在各个地点欢庆圣诞

Close to 120 new visitors joined us all across the church plants on Christmas morning! Wishing you a happy and healthy new year too!

约120新朋友在圣诞的早晨参与各个植会! 也在此恭贺你有个快乐又安康的新年哟!

Acts Myanmar
Acts 缅甸

Praise God for 20 new souls in Acts Myanmar!
赞美神 – Acts 缅甸有20位新灵魂相信耶稣!