30 November 2021   -  Acts Replay

Acts Replay (November 2021 Edition)

The staff of AYA and Acts gathered for staff breakfast – great time to catch up while getting inspired from from Pastor Kenneth’s sharing of the future!

AYA 和 Acts 全职人员团聚一堂共享早餐 – 共享·一段美好的时段,一起聆听 Kenneth 牧师激励人心的分享,一同展望未来!

Join us every Tuesday at 1pm-2pm for The Hour of Prayer! We have heard so many testimonies of healing!!!


Pr Kenneth treated the Four Generations book team to an appreciation lunch! Get your copy of the book here!

Kenneth 牧师带 ”四代“一书的团队一起吃酬谢午餐!今天就在 订购这本新书!

We’ve started the prayer group for Acts Kota Kemuning! If you’re interested to join, get in touch with us: missions@actschurch.org

我们已经开始了 Acts Kota Kemuning 祈祷小组!如果您想参与,敬请让我们知道,电邮至 missions@actschurch.org

Acts was honoured and privileged to host the Malaysian United Firewall Prayer on 6 November to pray for our nation!

Acts 有幸在11月6日在马来西亚团结火墙祈祷服事,带领参与的人为我们的国家祈求!

Big congratulations to our partners at Acts Chiangmai – Andrew and Grace on their wedding day (6 November)!

恭喜 Acts 清迈的伙伴 – Andrew 和 Grace 于11月6日结为夫妇!

At the last SALT (Saturday Acts Leadership Training) of 2021, the leaders were blessed to watch an inspiring video featuring transformation testimonies from our partners! One of the stories brought tears to many.

在2021年最后一场的 Acts 领袖培训里,领袖们观看了一段激发人心的视频,听见了我们伙伴们经历了生命受转换的见证!尤其是其中一段让多人感动落泪。

Early last month Dream Village Football Club was invited by Football Association of Selangor to participate in the Liga JOMA FAS 2021 tournament. The tournament is an entry level in order to join the top tier divisions of Selangor League with Super League at the highest hierarchy and followed by Premier League, Division 1 and Division 2.

上个月初,Dream Village Football Club 受雪兰莪足球会之邀参与 2021 年 Liga JOMA FAS 足球赛。这场入门赛是通往雪兰莪超级联赛和首要足球联赛组别1和组别2的起点。

We re-started physical prayer service in November! Come join us next time!


Acts Bahasa Fellowship prayer group meets right after every Prayer Service (Tuesday).
Join us!

Kumpulan doa Persekutuan Bahasa Acts berjumpa selepas setiap Ibadah Doa (Selasa).

Acts German Fellowship prayer group meets right after every Prayer Service (Tuesday).

Acts Deutscher Freundeskreis trifft sich Dienstags direkt nach jedem Gebetsgottesdienst.

Acts Kota Damansara prayer group meets right after every Prayer Service (Tuesday). Join us!

Acts 哥打白沙罗祈祷小组是在每一场的祈祷聚会后举办。来参与哦!

Here’s the launch of timMi IG Live talks! We’re hoping to normalise the conversation around children with special needs as we build a community that can journey together on this often lonely and misunderstood world. Look out for future talks by timMi. Catch this on Acts’ IG: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CWN_4rxJ3kP/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

timMi IG Live 访谈开始咯!我们希望帮助人们学习不避免谈论有关于特殊需要孩童们的课题,让我们在这个有时或许孤单,又或许被误解的路程里,一起建立守望相助的社群。

Acts Osaka’s very first history-making Homes!

Acts 大阪开始了创史性的 Homes!

Acts Men Devotion (AMD) also re-started physical meeting in November and that was the last AMD for 2021. Join in the next one in January 2022!

Acts 男生灵修也在11月份重新开始实体聚会了,那也是2021年的最后一场。邀请您在2022年1月份来参与!

Pr Kenneth, Pr Sam and Pr Palan shared their hearts out at the last “Tumpang Tanya, Pastor” session on Revo Stage at Discord! Join us next year.

Kenneth 牧师, Sam 牧师和 Palan 牧师在2021年最后一场在 Revo Stage (Discord) 的 “Tumpang Tanya, Pastor” 里真心分享各自的心路历程,让听者受益良多。邀请你明年来参与。

Acts U.K. recently gathered together for a Getaway after 2 years! Although not everyone could make it, it was still good to have 82 people from Acts London, Acts Bristol, Acts Edinburgh & Acts Cambridge represented! God’s presence was tangible. We also had the privilege of baptising 3 people & dedicating our first ActsKid to the Lord! There was also one soul added to the Kingdom! Praise God!

Acts 英国最近时隔两年再次举办营会!尽管有人未能参与,但赞美神,仍然有来自 Acts 伦敦, Acts 布里斯托, Acts 爱丁堡和 Acts 剑桥共82人参与!神的同在很真实。我们也有荣幸为三位弟兄姐妹施洗,并且把我们首位儿童奉献于主!另外,也有一位朋友决志跟随耶稣!赞美神!

17 people came for Japanese Fellowship and there were 2 new friends! Team had a good sharing session about Christmas and why we celebrate Christmas.


Catch this video where Pastors Kenneth and Sandra were interviewed by Dr Timothy Sng, and hear our Pastors share their stories of how they received Jesus, and how their calling has impacted youths in the nations:

来观看这段由 Timothy Sng 医生所主持的访谈,聆听 Kenneth 牧师和 Sandra 传道分享他俩相信耶稣的过程,还有神赐予他俩的呼召如何在各国正面影响很多年轻人。

Our school, Victory Academy recently had an Awards Ceremony to recognise the students who did very well both in academics and in attitudes! We also had the privilege to pray for the graduating students. Cheering them on!

我们的学校 Victory Academy 最近举办了一场颁奖典礼鼓励那些在学业和态度上有卓越表现的学生们!我们也很荣幸能为那些毕业生祈祷,祝福他们前程锦绣!

Pastor Kenneth joined the monthly Love Subang Pastors Fellowship – back to gathering physically too!

Kenneth 牧师参与每月的 Love Subang 牧者团契 – 现也已开始实体聚集了!

Acts Campus Camp 2021 had a total of 160 online campers! God moved powerfully through the sessions and talkshow!

2021年 Acts 大学生营会共有160位在线营友参与!神透过各个信息和访谈大大地运行!

At the recent Acts Singapore SALT, “Actsodus” was launched – this is a fundraising, faith-releasing initiative to finance Acts Singapore’s move to a new venue, which needs to happen before July 2022! Our God is able!

在最近的 Acts 新加坡领袖培训里,团队为 “Actsodus” 掀开序幕了!这是一个为我们新加坡教会的新场地所开启的基金筹募运动,同时也是一个让我们操练信心的机会!我们教会必须在2022年7月之前搬迁 – 我们的神能!

Little Legends, our child care centre had a graduation too! Cheering these little legends on as they go on to primary school! 我们的幼儿园 Little Legends 也举办了毕业典礼!为这一群小小传奇人物加油打气,起步开始小学生涯!

Acts Melbourne celebrated her 9th anniversary at the park on 28 November!

Acts 墨尔本在公园欢庆9周年纪念!

Acts Cambridge celebrates Christmas together early before the December term break!

Acts 剑桥在学生放假之前,提早欢庆圣诞!