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Acts e-Newsletter (November 2023 Issue)


Did you know that we have a women’s ministry in Acts Church?

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How did Bloom begin?

Celebrating Women: How did Bloom begin?

How has Bloom benefit the women in our church?

Celebrating Women: How has Bloom benefit the women in our church?

Are there any testimonies from Bloom?

Celebrating Women: Are there any testimonies from Bloom?

Where do we see Bloom in the future?

Celebrating Women: Where do we see Bloom in the future?

Hear how five of our ladies face their life challenges courageously together with our faithful God!

“End of 2022 was tough for me, and I was dreading entering 2023…In October, my grandma underwent emergency surgery, resulting in the amputation of one of her legs. One month later, my mum had to undergo urgent surgery due to kidney failure… God has remained faithful throughout everything. He has been a tangible presence in my life and that of my family…”

“This year, we decided to go for missions trip as a whole family. Two weeks before the trip, my son started vomiting, feeling fatigue, losing appetite and developing a fever. A few days later, he also began to have rashes and blisters. Soon after that, my daughter started to have high fever too. They both were later diagnosed with HFMD, and would need to be isolated… yet God helped us as we went through all these trials. We know that God allowed these to happen for His good purpose… because of our obedience, we shall overcome all these challenges through our obedience to Him – for He is faithful…”

“… I underwent cancer treatment. Despite 6 cycles of chemo, 25 cycles of radiotherapy, and 18 sessions of targeted therapy… I still managed to achieve my MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) consistently in my career…It is only with God’s strength that everything is possible…Though we may not see it now, God will eventually reveal why His way is better than ours. His will surpasses our understanding. Trust in Him…”

“…My father passed away, and my mother remarried before his passing. During this challenging period, I keenly felt the emptiness in my life, realizing I had nothing left except my sister and me… God helped me release pessimistic thoughts about life and revealed that there is a Heavenly Father always watching over me, even when I was unaware of Him… Despite familial abandonment and the uncertainty of new surroundings, I now have a sense of belonging! God consistently provided everything I needed and used His love to transform me, guiding me whenever I needed assistance…”

“… Joel and I were very much looking forward to expanding our family and having a few little ones running around us. When we found out that our first pregnancy had ended abruptly and we suffered a miscarriage, we were devastated. But we found rest and peace in Him. In that year, we grew closer than ever as husband and wife and truly enjoyed our time together with Him and each other despite the ‘bump in the road’ of our dreams… Fast forward to today as a stay-home-mom to 3 beautiful children, I can only say it’s His grace upon grace upon grace that allows us to care for, love and bring up our family… Through these many seasons and adventures, He has indeed been faithful to provide for me and my family in every way…”

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