01 March 2021   -  Acts e-Newsletter

Acts e-Newsletter (March 2021 Issue)

Watch Acts’ 21st Anniversary Online Worship Service again:

Acts Anniversary Sunday Online Worship (28th February 2021)

“Every year as we celebrate Acts Church’s anniversary, we will bring a birthday gift to the Lord to celebrate His faithfulness to us! You may still give your Anniversary Gift during the month of March.”

Tumpang Tanya Pastor: Chup.TV New Series

What started as a small in-house project of Pr. Kenneth taking questions from the campus students in his church has now by popular demand become a project of a weekly broadcast reaching a wider audience.

Tune in to Tumpang Tanya Pastor every Tuesday at 10.00pm (NEW TIMING!) and take a sneak peek into Pr. Kenneth’s mind as we hear his answers to some of these questions.

Prophesy 2021: The Power of Tithing
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