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Acts e-Newsletter (June 2022 Issue)

Revo⅃ution | How It All Began
Click to watch this video and hear the heart of this movement that has and is touching many lives through love.

Join us to Pray, Listen, Obey and Witness! You are the Revo⅃ution!

Click here to see the happenings at Acts for the past one month in a glance

Revo Worship Project representing 20 churches will showcase Malaysian worship songs at the upcoming Revo Conference 2022!

Starting his business at 21, Joshua couldn’t have imagined how much he and JoshiJosh would have grown being a young and inexperienced entrepreneur in the challenging F&B world.

Let’s listen in as Joshua shares with us his passion on giving his best and why “Keunggulan UntukMu” as a tagline holds a special place in his heart.

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In May, our team was able to drop off bags and bags of books, toys, stationery, clothes, bedsheets… and curtains to those who needed them most! Thank you to all our partners for their generous donations to and through Village Storehouse (VSH), our pre-loved items ministry. Together we continue to make the difference!

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