30 June 2022   -  Uncategorised

An insight on Revo Worship Project through the eyes of Pastor Kenneth Chin, the Founding Chairman of Revolution Movement.

Q: Pastor, why did you say yes to Revo Worship Project and what’s the significance of it to the Revolution Movement?

Pastor Kenneth: Let me first share with you a quick story, about 27-28 years ago, when I first went into full time ministry, I had a dream from the Lord. A very clear vision. That revival was coming to Malaysia and that unity was going to be a big part of why that revival was going to come. I was a young man and had a big vision from the Lord. I went around knocking on doors. And just to cut the long story short, I had a lot of N-O. No! And some doors literally slam in my face. I knew that when the time came for me to be in that position of authority, of power, where I can help other young men, that will come my way. I will not say no. I will be ready to say yes. Now, 27-28 years later, being in a position of authority and ability with more to offer, I think it was very important for me to say yes to a project that I wished someone would have said yes to me many years ago. Yes, it is very very important. For God’s dreams, visions to come to pass but also because of unity.

This will also answer the question of why Revo Worship Project is connected to the Revo Movement. Revo Movement has always been part of the bigger vision to see unity strengthened in Malaysia. And with that unity God can work a mighty revival. Without that unity it’s going to be hard. Almost impossible. Jesus says to the Father, “Make them one as We are one, that the world may know that You sent Me.” We also know that worship is a powerful, powerful tool in the hands of the church, given by God himself a privilege of worshipping Him. We know that His presence comes down. His power is at work. And so, this all makes sense. Worship. Unity. Revival. Saying yes to younger leaders who desire that. Now is the time to say yes, not no.

Q: How can the churches in Malaysia take part and contribute to the unity and revival in Malaysia?

Pastor Kenneth: More and more churches just need to say yes! Yes, Lord! Yes to each other. I know that we are all quite busy with our own churches, with our own ministries, organisations. We’ve got big plans. We’ve got commitments. It’s not something that we can force, should not force. It’s not something that we can even try to make people understand from our view if they themselves don’t catch it. It won’t work. But I believe that the time has come. And more and more churches are actually talking about working together, more and more churches are realizing that we can’t do it alone. There are probably still a few that will believe they can, but I think more are catching it. And therefore, as I said earlier, just have to have more churches saying yes. 

Yes Lord, first of all. Yes, Lord, You want us to be united. Yes, Lord, You want us to be one and also say yes to each other. And it’s not going to be one project that would change Malaysia, one project that will be, as you say sufficient. The only answer. No, it’s going to be probably a hundred projects a thousand projects so don’t just wait for that one. But, say yes to the one that comes your way. Cause I think too many people are waiting for that one big one. That one savior. That one plan of all plans, king of all kings, in terms of open door. Oh, this is the thing that will bring the revival. So they have been waiting for so long. They are waiting for that one key that will open all doors. 

The way the Lord does it is: this small key opens this little door, that will open another door, that will open another door and another door. You get what I am trying to say. And then comes that huge big door where we all get to enter and say “Wow”. This is Malaysian Revival. Hand-carved and handcrafted revival by design only God can do. But we’ve got, you’ve got to go to the doors, the small little doors. Be faithful with the little things, the Bible tells us. It will come to us and it will touch us in a very special way because we are either called for that, we are either gifted for that, we are either have got the opportunity to give into that. So bottom line, just say “Yes”. Yes, to that very thing that comes your way. Yes, even though not 200 churches have signed up yet. Maybe only 20 churches but it’s got to start with 20 churches. Before it can go to 200. It’s got to go to 200 before it can go to 2000. It’s got to go to 2000 before it can get to 20,000 and so on, so forth. But saw “Yes”, to the small things, don’t despise the days of small beginnings, the Bible tells us. So say, “Yes”!