05 August 2021   -  Acts e-Newsletter

Acts e-Newsletter (August 2021 Issue)


Come hear from our partners as they share their personal stories on how they have found strength during this season.

Give a man a fish, he will eat for a day; teach a man how to fish, and he will eat for the rest of his days…

Melissa recounted her true story of how God has given her the opportunity to dream big – bigger and deeper – even when an important door was closed, and dreams seemed shattered.

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In the operation theatre, I’ve found peace…

Joel had to go through 3 corrective surgeries in the times of pandemic due to a serious leg injury. Nevertheless, he is still standing – only by His grace.

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…always find something to thank God for, even if the situation is bad…

Click to hear how God helped Joshua’s mum since she was diagnosed with ruptured aneurysm in early March 2021.

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Am I good enough? Am I really able to commit to this? What if I fail?

Steven shared a personal journey of how God put on his heart to pioneer a new church plant. With much fear and trembling – he chose to obey, and miracles unfolded along the way.

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Special shoutout to our faithful
behind-the-scene serving team!

Every Sunday, we have a team of volunteers who serve faithfully on the “virtual backstage” to bring us the weekly Online Worship Service! Here are some of them…

Malaysia and the world has been battling the pandemic since the beginning of 2020 and it has been a long and arduous journey. A recent police statement has reported that there have been many lives lost to suicide since the beginning of 2020 till May 2021 this year.

The prolonged effects of dealing with a pandemic on our society, community and lives are now coming to light and we need to be aware and watch out for each other to fight against this silent and deadly killer which doesn’t necessarily take the limelight as we are still in this battle with Covid-19.

The Breathe Series presents “Finding Hope in the Pandemic” where we ask the question on “How are the suicide cases and prevention efforts during the MCO? What can we do to help? What can we do to get help if we need it? And how can I find hope in this pandemic?”

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Part of the testimonies from July’s The Hour of Prayer


“Guiding Light” EP by Acts Church! Check it out today!

This song is also available in Mandarin!

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