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Acts e-Newsletter (April 2024 Issue)


In conjunction with World Autism Awareness Month in April 2024, we would like to highlight some of our efforts in supporting families with children with special needs.

Introduction of timMy

On 23 March 2023, Pertubuhan Keperluan Khas Timothy (timMy) was officially incorporated – it is a friendly special needs society dedicated to building a supportive community of families raising children with special needs.

timMy was born from the personal journey of Alvin and Jess, whose eldest son was diagnosed with mild autism. Since 2019, with the encouragement from Pastor Kenneth Chin (our Founding Senior Pastor), Alvin and Jess began to organise talks and training sessions to raise awareness among parents and guardians.

The journey of raising a child with special needs is never easy, and we’ve discovered that there are some important handles that parents and caregivers need to learn, in order to help them and their children to not just survive but thrive in their development and growth.

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The 1st timMy podcast “Calm, it’s timMy time!”

Launch date:
2 April 2024


timMy Autism Conference 2024

“Hope and a Future”

27 July 2024, Saturday

9.00 am – 5.30pm

*Registrations will be opening very soon.

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