27 March 2024   -  Acts Replay

Acts Replay (April 2024 Edition)

New Church-plant – Acts Brickfields
新植会 – Acts Brickfields

Acts Deaf Community is launching out to plant Acts Brickfields on 7 April 2024! The recent Curiosi-Tea was packed with many new friends too. Keep them in prayer!

Acts 听障社群将在2024年4月7日开创全新的植会 – Acts Brickfields!最近举办的 Curiosi-Tea 成功举办, 当天也有许多新朋友参与。敬请大家继续为团队祈祷!

PR4Y – Launch of 2024 U-Turn 21-Day Prayer & Fast
PR4Y – 为2024年 U-Turn 21天祈祷与禁食掀开序幕

The recent PR4Y on 9 March – God’s presence was so tangible and many were ministered too! We also launched 2024 U-Turn 21-Day Prayer & Fast!

在3月9日举办的 PR4Y 祈祷特会 – 上帝的同在实在实在,很多人经历圣灵的服事!我们在当天也为2024年 U-Turn 21天祈祷与禁食掀开序幕 !

History-making! Chin Up Show recording at Victory Academy Chapel
缔造历史的一天 – Chin Up Show 到 Victory Academy 敬拜聚会录制

Chin Up Show takes it to Victory Academy Chapel! For this episode on “Understanding Youth, Revisioning Youth Ministry” series, we got to hear from our teens. Watch this engaging episode: https://youtu.be/4LJXtrY4g44?si=XwW341S1VlMUOOFg

Chin Up Show 莅临 Victory Academy 敬拜聚会!我们在这一期的 “Understanding Youth, Revisioning Youth Ministry” 系列也有机会聆听少年少女的分享。 敬请点击观看这个互动满满的一集: https://youtu.be/4LJXtrY4g44?si=XwW341S1VlMUOOFg

Revo @ Iskandar

History-making Revo stop in Iskandar (Johor) – powered by Acts Iskandar! The Holy Spirit moved powerfully and we saw 8 salvations and 5 rededications! Special thanks to Stellar International School for sponsoring the venue. Greater days ahead!

缔造历史的一天! Revo 首次到达柔佛州的依斯干达 – 由 Acts 依斯干达主推!圣灵超凡地运行,当晚有8位朋友第一次决志相信耶稣,也有5位朋友重新跟随耶稣!我们要特别感谢星耀国际学校赞助了场地。美好的日子在前头!

“Actstream Refreshed”
“更新的 Actstream”

“Actstream Refreshed” by the Worship Pastors’ Office – a history-making meet up for Actstream, the worship ministry of Acts Church! God hit the refresh button for the kind of worship He wants in and from Acts… and it felt like that was strongly established that night!

由敬拜传道理事会 (Worship Pastors’ Office) 所成立的 “更新的 Actstream” – 当晚是历史性的一刻,Acts 教会的敬拜事工团队 Actstream 团聚一堂!上帝似乎在我们教会按了重新开始的按钮,要在我们教会建立蒙祂悦纳的敬拜… 感觉当晚团队都清楚地收到这个信息和方向了!

Chinspirations Vol 6

Team has started to prepare for Chinspirations Vol. 6! Stay tuned.

团队已经开始筹备 Chinspirations Vol. 6 了!敬请期待!

Good Friday

The church gathered in one combined Good Friday Worship Service to remember Christ as we ended our 2024 U-Turn 21-Day Prayer & Fast. We were so blessed to hear the amazing true stories of breakthrough and healing, as well as a powerful message from Pastor Sandra!

我们团聚一堂欢庆耶稣受难节,也一起结束2024年 U-Turn 21天祈祷与禁食。当晚有好几个超棒的真实故事 — 我们听见上帝如何赐予突破与医治,也聆听 Sandra 传道带来一场能力满满的信息!

Easter Sunday

It was a packed house on Easter Sunday! We witnessed a precious and powerful presentation, where true stories intertwined with songs and dance! Jason Martin also shared a heartfelt message of hope!

复活节敬拜聚会全场爆满!我们见证了一个非常宝贵又大有能力的特别呈现 — 由真实故事、歌曲与舞蹈相互交接!Jason Martin 也分享了由衷的信息,激励人们仰望盼望!