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Acts 电子简报 (2022年8月版)


在2022年8月份,我们要欢庆 Acts 忠心又良善的志工们!为他们加油打气,继续把自己最好的献给神!

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LINetS (Life Inspired Network Society)

Jill Ho 医生和 Melissa Nuah 代表 LINetS 应国际医药大学 (IMC) 之邀,为80位来自马来西亚各个地点的护士生举办一个精神卫生工作坊。赞美神,赐予我们恩宠和机会来建立我们未来保健专业人士的精神!

敬请在关注LINetS 的 FB (lifeinspirednetworksociety) 以收到更多关于精神卫生和预防自杀的资讯。如果您感到情绪非常不平衡并需要帮助的话,敬请的联络 LINetS 安排辅导:info@linets.org.my

It’s ok to not be ok, 现状不好没关系,一定要寻求帮助。


“Without vision, people perish. But with it, they flourish.”

Are you a Vision Worker or a Roster Worker? One is led by purpose, the other by the circumstances around them. Like eagles, Vision Workers keep their eyes on the goal, soaring above to see the big picture. But like chickens, Roster Workers keep their eyes on the ground, pecking away at the dirt and details.

Whether it be a new job or a new project, we may start out as Vision Workers with energy and excitement. But when the going gets tough, disappointments and bitterness can creep in and cloud our vision, turning us into Roster Workers.

In order to succeed in life, it’s important to stick to the vision and not just go through the roster (ie. motions) of life.

Using everyday anecdotes, this inspiring book differentiates clearly between the two, and leaves the ultimate choice to readers – will you fly with eagles, or run with chickens?

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