29 September 2023   -  Acts Replay

Acts Youth Camp 2023 – Testimonies

“I just realised that Jesus and God are real. It’s my first time feeling Jesus and God this way.” ~ 13 year-old

“我这才发现耶稣和上帝都是真实的。我是第一次对耶稣与上帝有这样的感受。” ~十三岁

“Still in shock that I heard God talking to me for the first time. On the second day of camp when praying and searching for Him, I suddenly heard ‘here I am’ in my head. I was so shocked and I doubted it because I thought I could have made it up in my head until the next morning the word at the end, it spoke about ‘Hineni’ (Hebrew for “here I am”)”. ~ 19 year-old

“第一次听见上帝跟我说话,这仍然让我震惊。在营会的第二天,当我在祈祷寻求祂的时候,我脑海中忽然响起 “我在这里。” 我太震惊了,同时也质疑这是不是自己想太多了。直到隔天早上,信息中听见 ‘Hineni (希腊语,意思是‘我在这里’)。” ~十九岁

“I felt God was so real after so long, and how real His love is for me. God’s presence was so strong and real. And I felt even more grateful and touched to know that God wants to use and love a broken vessel like me. I made my decision again to be on fire for God cuz I found my purpose and pieces of me in Him.” ~ 17 year-old

“我终于感受到上帝是这么的真实,也感受到祂对我的爱是如此地真实。上帝的同在好强烈和真实。让我加倍感恩和感动的是,上帝要使用和爱像我这样的一个破碎的器皿。我再一次决定,要火热为上帝而活,因为我已经找到自己的目标,也在祂里面找回自己的碎片。” ~十七岁

“Before AYC, I asked God to change me through this camp. He answered my prayer. I experienced a revival. He corrected my attitude of praying, gave me the gift of speaking in tongues, and I received a word to minister to another camper. All glory to God!“~ 21 year-old

“营会前,我求上帝透过营会来改变我。祂回应了我的祈祷。我经历了一个复兴。祂纠正了我看待祈祷的态度,也赐予我讲方言的恩赐,祂也赐予我话语去服事另一位营友。所有荣耀归给上帝!” ~二十一岁

“It’s been difficult! But reminded, God saying: I am here — watch Me. You will see Me move. Undeniable power and goodness.” ~ 17 year-old

“一路走来很艰辛。但是祂提醒我说:我在这里 – 你看好。你将看见我为你运行。这是无可否认的大能和美善。” ~十七岁

“It was literally the best thing to happen to me this year. This camp was really great and all the preachers really gave powerful sermons. I learnt a lot and also got some clarification on some things I had some doubts about. I am blessed to say that during this camp I received the Holy Spirit and I can speak in tongues now. God is real!” ~ 21 year-old

“这真的是今年发生在我身上最棒的事情。这个营会超棒,每一位讲员的信息也大有能力。我学到很多,也看清楚了一些之前不确定的事情。在这个营会中,我也接受了圣灵的充满,我现在能讲方言了。上帝是真实的!” ~二十一岁

“I actually had a vague feeling for the longest time, that I would somehow end up doing full-time ministry. There were quite a few confirmations and open doors already along the way. But I kept struggling and putting that thought away because of various reasons. During the last day of camp, that altar call actually became a confirmation for me, and I decided to stop contending with God and surrender.” ~ 24 year-old

“我其实心中有一个模糊的感觉有一段时间了,就是有一天自己会全职服事。虽然我曾有过几次确定和敞开的门,但是由于不同的原因,我不断挣扎,也不停地把这个想法推开。在营会的最后一天,那一个祭坛其实就是另一个确定,我终于决定了不再挣扎,降服于上帝。 ” ~二十四岁

“I really was touched when Pastor Kenneth talked about chronic illnesses, I have both sinus and eczema. But I don’t think I’ve told anyone about it yet. But when I was prayed for by Pastor… I got chills then and that warm feeling in my heart. And my nose really cleared after that and I slept well on the first night! Eczema was lessened too and I don’t feel that itchy – unless i’m sweaty 🥹 Oh and I spoke in tongues 😌 it’s not like I’ve got a huge huge storyline about it. I think it’s just that God wants me to wait, and finally gave it to me at the right time. I surround myself with music and I just let my tongue speak for me to God!” ~ 19 year-old

“当 Kennenth 牧师提及一些长期疾病的时候,我很感动。我自己患有鼻窦炎和湿疹。但我好像还没跟任何人提起过。当牧师为我祈祷的时候,我突然起鸡皮疙瘩,然后心中泛起一股暖流。然后我的鼻子当下通了,当晚第一晚我也睡得很好!湿疹的病况也改善了很多,已经没有那么痒的 – 除非我流很多汗 🥹 然后我也讲方言了 😌 也不是说很惊天动地。我想,上帝是要我等候,然后在对的时机才赐予给我。我继续听音乐,让自己的舌头自然地为上帝说话! ” ~十九岁

“It reminds me that even when I face obstacles it is always God’s plan and calling for me even if my friends or affirmation isn’t there. I want to be more in God’s presence.” ~ 16 year-old

“我被提醒,当自己面对阻碍的时候,上帝给我的计划和呼召才是最重要的,不管有没有朋友的支持和认可。我渴慕花更多时间在上帝的同在中。” ~十六岁

“Usually I would be very doubtful if it’s God or my head (since I tend to overthink things), but God really spoke to me.” ~ 13 year-old

“通常,我会很质疑,是上帝还是我自己 (因为我常常会想太多),但是,上帝真的跟我说话了。” ~十三岁