01 November 2021   -  Acts Replay

Acts Replay (October 2021 Edition)

At the recent SALT (Saturday Acts Leadership Training), we got to hear exciting updates from Acts Teens core team about engaging the world of teens in spite of the pandemic challenges!

在最近的 Acts 领袖培训,我们有机会聆听 Acts 少年核心团队分享他们如何在充满挑战的疫情中,继续造福少年少女们!

We have restarted physical worship services – starting with the 10am combined worship service at DVCC on 3 October, followed by Acts PJ, Acts Ampang + Acts Cheras, Acts Cyberjaya… and then Acts Semenyih and Acts Klang. We hope to see you soon! 🙂

我们已经在10月3日在 DVCC 重新开始了早上10点的实体敬拜聚会,接着 Acts 八打灵再也,Acts 安邦和 Acts 蕉赖,Acts 赛城也开始了… 然后 Acts 士毛月和 Acts 巴生也实体敬拜聚集了。我们希望很快能见到您哦! 🙂

Join us every Tuesday at 1pm-2pm for The Hour of Prayer! We have heard so many testimonies of healing!!!


We’ve started the prayer group for Acts Kota Kemuning! If you’re interested to join, get in touch with us: missions@actschurch.org

我们已经开始了 Acts Kota Kemuning 祈祷小组!如果您想参与,敬请让我们知道,电邮至 missions@actschurch.org

The SPO Retreat for Acts Singapore was indeed fruitful – going to the next level!

Acts 新加坡 的 SPO 退修会实在棒 – 往前走,更上一层楼!

Catch this candid conversation in conjunction of World Mental Health Day 2021 on Acts IG: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CVFPQHBs6Wf/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

邀请您到 Acts 的 IG 观看这一段藉2021年世界精神卫生日所举办的一场率真的对话: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CVFPQHBs6Wf/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

Acts Teens Meet The Parents addressed the issue of cyberbullying among the teens on 16 October.

Acts 少年家长见面会于10月16日举办了一场针对少年网路霸凌课题的讲座。

The men of Acts had a fruitful time together with Dato’ Chua Jui Meng in October
Join in for the next one on 16 November, 8pm!

Acts 男生们在十月份与拿督蔡锐明有个美好的学习时段!

Acts Bahasa Fellowship meets every Online Prayer Service (Tuesday) at 9.45pm-10.15pm.
If you would like to join in, kindly write to missions@actschurch.org.

Persekutuan Bahasa Acts berjumpa setiap Ibadah Doa atas Talian (Selasa) at 9.45pm – 10.15pm
Jika anda ingin menyertai, sila emel kepada missions@actschurch.org

Acts German Fellowship meets every Online Prayer Service (Tuesday) at 9.15pm-10.00pm
If you would like to join in, kindly write to missions@actschurch.org.

Der Deutsche Freundeskreis trifft sich an jeden Dienstag nach dem virtuellen Gebetsgottesdienst um 9:15-10.00Uhr abends.
Wenn Du Interesse hast und mitmachen willst, dann schreibe an
Das Team wird Dich an uns weiterleiten.

“Tumpang Tanya, Pastor” is back on Revo Stage! It was such a enriching time gleaning from Pastor Kenneth, Pastor Sam and Pastor Palan.

“Tumpang Tanya, Pastor” 再次回到 Revo Stage 了!当晚真是从 Kenneth 牧师,Sam 牧师和 Palan 牧师的分享得益不浅!

Another precious time of Q&A between Pastor Kenneth and Acts leaders on “Tumpang Tanya, Pastor” (TTP).

Kenneth 牧师和 Acts 领袖们另一场宝贵的问答时段!

Our very first Half Day Inspirations organised by Acts Business Community (ABC) – what an enriching time! 第一次由 Acts 企业社群所举办的半天启发 — 让参与者收益良多!

Praise God for an enriching and empowering Acts Global SPO Vision Retreat 2021!

赞美神带领 2021年 Acts 全球 SPO 异象退修会

If you would like to join to pray for the planting of Acts Kota Damansara, kindly write to missions@actschurch.org.
This prayer group gathers every non-Homes Wednesdays at 8.00pm-8.30pm.

如果您想参与团队为栽种 Acts Kota Damansara 祈祷,敬请电邮我们: missions@actschurch.org
这个祈祷小组在每个没有 Homes 的星期三晚上8点至8点30分进行。

Our Japanese Fellowship gathered to worship and fellowship!


Acts Botswana recently held a beautiful baby dedication service!

Acts 博茨瓦纳最近举办了一场美好的献婴礼!

Catch this candid IG Live chat with Pastors Kenneth and Sandra about this brand new book “Four Generations”!

邀请您观看这个 IG 视频,聆听 Kenneth 牧师和 Sandra 传道畅谈他俩一起撰写的新书,名为 Four Generations (译: 四代) !

Book signing at DVCC!
在 DVCC 举办的新书签名会!

Acts Melbourne’s Worship @ the Park!
Acts 墨尔本在公园的敬拜聚会!