28 February 2024   -  Acts Replay

Acts Replay (March 2024 Edition)

Sunday Combined Reunion Worship Services in February

All 13 church-plants in Klang Valley gathered under one roof in February for a meaningful reunion! The first Sunday was indeed memorable – where the electricity in DVCC went out three times – yet that did not stop us from worshipping God!

巴生谷的十三个植会在整个二月份团聚一堂于 DVCC!第一个星期天真实难忘 – 当天 DVCC 停电了三次 – 但什么都不能阻止我们敬拜上帝!

AYA & Acts CNY Lunch
AYA 与 Acts 的农历新年午餐聚

The staff celebrated Lunar New Year over some delicious food and great fellowship!


Acts Teens Meet The Parents
Acts Teens 家长会

We had a good time of sharing the plan for 2024 with the parents, while the teens played Captain Ball. The session ended with a friendly game between the youths and parents!


timMy AGM
timMy 理事会议

timMy team met and is gearing up for our upcoming Autism Conference in July! Stay tuned.

timMy 团队开会策划今年七月份举办的自闭症特会!敬请关注。

The first Acts Leaders’ Conference
首次的 Acts 领袖特会

The leaders of Acts gathered for a great time of bonding, laughter and heart-to-heart sharing. Key leaders from our global family also flew back to join in! Greater days ahead!

Acts 领袖们聚集共享美好的团契,欢笑和真心对话时刻。来自全球的核心领袖们也特意飞回来参与。美好的日子在前头!

Acts’ 24th Anniversary Sunday
Acts 二十四周年庆主日

What a history-making day! We are so thankful to God that we could celebrate our 24th anniversary at Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC)! Over a thousand showed up with many new friends joined in. God’s presence was so tangible and awesome!

实在是缔造历史的一天!我们非常感恩,上帝让我们有机会在太子城国际会议中心 PICC 欢庆我们二十四只周年庆!越一千人来参与,当中也有很多新朋友。上帝的同在好真实,好奇妙!

Acts Global Church-Plant Coordinators’ Retreat
Acts 全球植会领袖退修会

The global leaders took time out to pray and seek the Lord together for the future of Acts! Praise God for His leading and presence!

全球领袖们抽出时间一起来祈祷并寻求上帝 – 为了 Acts 的未来! 赞美上帝,祂一直带领,祂一直同在!