26 January 2022   -  Acts Replay

Acts Replay (January 2022 Edition)

Malaysia United Firewall (MUFW): Standing in the Gap for Malaysia
马来西亚合一祷告火墙 (MUFW): 为马来西亚站在破口

Acts had the privilege to serve and pray with the Church at MUFW’s Arise Shine 24-hour Fast and prayer for our nation!
Acts 很荣幸有机会在 MUFW “起来发光” 服事,为我们的国家禁食和祈祷!

The Hour of Prayer saw many healing testimonies

Join us every Tuesday from 1pm-2pm for The Hour of Prayer! We have heard so many testimonies of healing!!!


Acts Leaders’ Day Out (ALDO): Let’s move forward
Acts 领袖集训日 (ALDO):让我们往前走

With this ALDO, we’re declaring that we’ve moved on – we’re never looking back – and we’ll only keep moving forward.

从这次的 ALDO 开始,我们宣告我们已经往前走了 – 永不回头 – 继续往前走。

NewSong Studio
NewSong 录音室

Recording of a worship session at our very own NewSong Studio! Stay tuned!

在 NewSong 录音室录制敬拜时段!敬请关注哦!

Church Planting: Acts Kota Kemuning’s 1st Homes!
种植教会:Acts Kota Kemuning 第一个 Homes!

History-making first Acts Kota Kemuning Homes (KK1)!

首次举办的 Acts Kota Kemuning Homes (KK1)! 创史!

Acts Men Devotion (AMD): Celebrating lives and His goodness
Acts 男生灵修 (AMD):欢庆生命和神的信实

Acts Men Devotion (AMD) Core Team gathered for a heartful dinner, sharing good things that are in store for and through the men of Acts!

Acts 男生灵修 (AMD) 核心团队齐聚一堂,共享晚餐 – 也分享了神为 Acts 的男生们所预备的美事,还有神即将透过我们男生们所成就的美事!

Acts Teens Live (ATL): Partnering with Parents to nurture and disciple the next generation
Acts 少年事工 (ATL): 与家长们携手培育和培训下一代

Another great start to the year with another fruitful session with precious parents at the recent Acts Teens Meet The Parents! Powerful partnership between “Parents” and “Pastors” (church) – what we affectionately call “PaPa!” Looking forward to a fruitful and fulfilling year ahead of nurturing and discipling teens toward their God-given destiny!

在新的一年里超棒的开始! 在最近的 Acts Teens 家长日,我们的家长们和教会牧者们 (“PaPa”) 强力携手合作培育和培训少年少女走向神所赐予的命定!

Sowing into East Malaysia

Pastors Kenneth and Sandra were privileged to minister to the precious people at Cornerstone Borneo in Kuching. It was indeed a meaningful, memorable and miraculous weekend! Thank you for praying.

Kenneth 牧师和 Sandra 传道很荣幸有机会在古晋的房脚石教会 (Cornerstone Borneo) 服事当地的弟兄姐妹 – 真的是一个意义非凡,难忘又神奇的周末!感谢大家的代祷。

Japanese Fellowship

12 people came together for Japanese Fellowship ! We had a good time sharing how there is power in the words that we say. We also spent time praying for each others’ needs.


AYA and Acts Team celebrates Chinese New Year
AYA 和 Acts 团队喜庆农历新年

The staff of AYA and Acts gathered for Chinese New Year lunch – it was a great time of fellowship and food!

AYA 和 Acts 全职人员团聚一堂共享团圆饭!