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      *Photos were taken pre-MCO
Joshua Chu, a business owner of a local catering company, is determined to serve God in the marketplace. Considering the number of Christians working in his company, many of them belonging to the Orang Asli community, Joshua saw an opportunity for the team to pray collectively.
So he pioneered a Christian Fellowship (CF) within his organisation, building an environment that will support and encourage his employees’ faith. The main challenge was finding the best time to meet amid varied schedules. With his employees of other faiths in mind, Joshua decided to run the company’s CF after office hours. 
After a season of faithfully organising the small groups regularly, Joshua noticed his employees’ growth. The fear of the Lord is evident in their lives by the improvement of his employees’ work performance and lifestyle choices. The company flourishes just as the employees thrive individually.

*Photos were taken pre-MCO     
This year at Acts Leaders’ Day Out (ALDO), the leaders were given a handbook to set their quarterly goals. The Holy Spirit impressed upon Salby’s heart to start a prayer group at work in the first quarter.
It has always been Salby’s desire to do so, but her immediate concern was the environment at her workplace in the public sector. Yet, Salby obeyed.
She found two Christian colleagues to join in. Every Friday during lunch, the three gather to pray in an office room. They also have a group chat to share their daily prayer requests.
Their primary concern is praying and worshipping God publicly. They fear that they would be judged or that the other colleagues might feel uncomfortable, or even lodge a complaint to the management. However, they pressed on by faith and found divine favour until today.
Through the small group, the colleagues continued to remind one another to be the salt and light, especially in their challenging environment. Their intentional sowing of God’s love by being helpful, kind, patient and generous to others have reaped much favour and testimonies at work!
      *Photos were taken pre-MCO
Shekinah was also inspired during ALDO 2020 to reflect on God’s purpose and plans. This was when she decided to start a prayer group where God had placed her – at her workplace.
Looking back, it seemed like perfect timing, as she just learnt to play the guitar just a few months before – thinking that it would be great to worship God in songs wherever she was. Hence, she could lead worship at the prayer group with the simple four chords that she knew. The prayer group meets weekly at 7.30am – 30 mins set apart to worship and pray for different needs.
Though she questioned “How to explain to pre-believers?”, “How to invite them to join us?”, she was ready to find out along the way. It was great that the pre-believing colleagues naturally joined in and also had their needs prayed for.
Initially, the early mornings were a challenge but she endured to cater to everyone’s availability. The prayer group has since seen testimonies – of different projects, different clients etc – that kept her going!
Shekinah said this, “We can start a prayer group, we can do it anywhere – as long as we have willing hearts. Obstacles are just part and parcel of the journey. Just do it!”
*Photos were taken pre-MCO     
It started during Ben-Ji’s second visit to Japan. Somehow, he was drawn to the people and place. He even felt homesick for this relatively new place after returning home. 

“If I’m serving in Acts PJ that day, and I hear that there’s a Japanese visiting Acts Central, I’ll try to rush back just to say hi to the person,” Ben-Ji’s love for this people group grew by the day. 

When he was set to pioneer Acts Japan, Pastor Kenneth said to him, “If you can’t start a small group here in the backyard, you won’t be able to start when you’re in Japan.” Hence, by faith, Japanese Fellowship (JF) was birthed. 
Since we haven’t seen many Japanese visiting Acts at that time, “Where are the people going to come from?” and “I don’t even speak the language fluently”, these were some of Ben-Ji’s worries. 

However, he recalled Pastor saying that obedience is better than sacrifice. So, he chose to say “yes” despite only having the experience of joining and running Homes all these years. 

He believes that it is obedience that leads to the flowing of God’s power that touches the hearts of these Japanese friends. As soon as he said “yes” and started the fellowship, two new Japanese pre-believing friends joined the outreach activities. Later on, JF got to know a group of Japanese university students who were studying in Nilai.

To date, four Japanese friends have given their hearts to Jesus. One of them, though graduated and went back to Japan, has led another friend to Christ!

When asked what kept him going, Ben-Ji said it was the little victories that the people in the small group have encountered. He aims to keep helping the Japanese friends believe in God a little more each time.

 *Photos were taken pre-MCO.
Jamie was invited to Homes while he was studying in SEGi University Kota Damansara. Initially, he did not want to associate himself with Christians as he was distrustful of people. However, he showed up.
Homes was different from his expectations and he started attending regularly. It was through Homes that his relationship with God grew closer. He began to open up to others just as he learnt His Word through the sharing from different ones.
Today, Jamie is growing in the community and found a home through Homes!
When Isabella first thought about moving house, she was anxious whether she had made a rash decision. It was exhausting to consider the finances, the short period, the busyness and the cleaning of the new place. 

Thereupon, knowing about her anxieties, a few close friends and Homies decided to encourage and pray for her. They offered practical tips, gathered to help her clean up the new place and even gave a relief fund. 
Through this, Isabella learnt that she doesn’t need to face her challenges alone, but to remember that God has placed around her a group of people who love and care for her. 
When Wee Kye first rooted in Acts Church, her parents were quite hostile towards her new church family. The turnaround happened when they witnessed how the church loved her.
At that time, her family was facing financial distress, so they had to change their lifestyle – one of which was to sell their existing house for a smaller one. Wee Kye was still new to church, and did not know many of the Acts Klang family. Nevertheless, they gathered to help her and her family shift from their old landed house to a new apartment.
Wee Kye’s parents were touched by the kindness and became open to get to know different Acts Klang partners personally.
When Wee Kye lost her phone, her Homes and Huddle bought her a new phone. Unexpectedly, she also received another phone from her aunt who heard about it. Because she then had two phones, she gifted her dad an upgrade as he was struggling with his old phone.
Though the church family was blessing Wee Kye, her parents also received their portion of blessings that flowed from it. Their view of a Christian community was also changed after seeing how Acts live out the love of Jesus!
During the Movement Control Order (MCO), CampusCity organised small groups within the larger Cohort groupings. We have heard of a student, who was irregular to Acts Cyberjaya, found belonging and chose to root down in church. A few others who were irregular to CampusCity have also become committed to being Campus Representatives! 

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When she was first tasked to launch Pr Kenneth’s books, it seemed daunting as she was unfamiliar with the project. She shared this in her Homes and asked for prayers. Beyond supporting prayers, her Homies came around to assist in coordinating the launch. The experience boosted her confidence that hitherto she has coordinated seven book launches!

Click here to watch the highlight video of one of the book launches in February 2019: https://www.instagram.com/p/BuRcDwhntMh/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
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