25 February 2022   -  Acts Replay

Acts Replay (February 2022 Edition)

The Hour of Prayer saw many healing testimonies

Join us every Tuesday from 1pm-2pm for The Hour of Prayer! We have heard so many testimonies of healing!!!


Behind-The-Scene of “From One Church-Planter to Another”
从一位教会栽种人到另一位” 视频

Here are some behind-the-scene shots of the production of “From One Church-Planter to Another” videos! Catch the video here: [link]

这里是我们制作”从一位教会栽种人到另一位” 视频的幕后花絮!点击观看视频:[link]

Great bonding over Huddles Dinner Huddles

Pastor Kenneth met with the Huddle One and Huddle One Plus from two of his Huddles – Gad and Ephraim – together with their spouses and children! It was indeed a very meaningful and memorable night of fellowship over dinner!

Kenneth 牧师与他培训族群里两个支派 (Gad 迦得 和 Ephraim 以法莲) 的 Huddle One 和 Huddle One Plus 领袖相聚 – 还有他们的太太和孩子们!非常棒的晚餐聚!

New church plant: Acts Kota Kemuning
崭新的植会: Acts 哥打哥文宁

Thank God for a very fruitful and successful Acts Kota Kemuning Curiosi-Tea! It was a great preview to the start of Acts KK scheduled in early March!

感恩!Acts 哥打哥文宁 Curiosi-Tea 成功举办了!当天活动聚集了对我们新植会有兴趣的人们,也为我们即将在三月头开办的植会掀开了序幕!

Calling all Acts men!
号外号外!号召 Acts 男生们!

Acts Men had a precious, personal and powerful time together at the recent Acts Men Devotion! Join in the next one on 15 March.

Acts 男生们在最近的男生灵修夜一同经历了宝贵,个人和大有能力的聚会!邀请您来参与下一次的聚集 – 3月15日。

True stories from the marketplace

New podcast series! Pastor Kenneth speaks to our partners who are Daniels in the business world. Stay tuned!

全新的博客系列!Kenneth 牧师与我们在职场中作但以理的伙伴们的对话。敬请关注!

“Tumpang Tanya, Pastor” is back on Revo Stage!
“Tumpang Tanya, Pastor” 回归 Revo Stage!

The latest recording of TTP is now available exclusively on the Revo Discord server!

最新一集的 TTP 现在已经上架于 Revo Discord server 咯!

H1 & H1+ Huddles Retreat
H1 & H1+ Huddles 退修会

First (of many) Huddle One and Huddle One Plus Overnight Retreat with Pastors Kenneth and Sandra… starting with Reuben Alpha and Sardius Orange. Quality time… meaningful questions… memorable moments!

(很多场中)第一场的 Huddle One 和 Huddle One Plus 与 Kenneth 牧师和 Sandra 传道两天一夜的退修会… 由 Reuben Alpha (吕便阿拉法) 和 Sardius Orange (红宝石橙)开始… 宝贵的时光,深度的对话,美好的时刻!

Investing into training

The SPO of KL called for an important Overnight Planning Retreat to update on the progress and process of our training programmes… better days ahead!

吉隆坡的 SPO 召集团队来举办一场重要的策划退修会以规划我们培训计划… 美好的日子在前头!

New at DVCC
DVCC 新事物

New at DVCC (our home in Subang Jaya)! Check out these beautiful walls and encouraging quotes… take a selfie/ wefie too!
在我们位于梳邦再也的家之新事物!来看看这几面漂亮的墙壁和鼓励人心的语句… 还可以自拍/群拍哦!!

Acts Partners’ Conference 2022
2022年 Acts 伙伴特会

The global family of Acts united online for this amazing conference (24-26 February) with lots of fun surprises, relevant workshops and impactful messages!

Acts 全球的大家庭在线团聚,同心参与这场在线的特会 (2月24日至26日) – 满满的趣味惊喜,实用工作坊和震撼人心的信息!

Acts Leaders Commissioning Service
Acts 领袖委任会

This year’s Leaders’ Commissioning was conducted online with our global leaders joining in – appreciate you covering our leaders in prayers and support!
今年的年度领袖委任会乃是在线上,与我们来自全球的领袖们一起进行 – 感谢您们为领袖们的祈祷和支持!

Acts turns 22!
Acts 22岁咯!

We thank God for His faithfulness and goodness as we turn 22nd! This year, we celebrated the anniversary at multiple locations all across Klang Valley, and tuned in online unitedly for the message!