02 November 2018   -  Acts e-Newsletter

Acts e-Newsletter (November 2018 Issue): Acts Community Heroes



Get to know our Community Heroes.

This month, we want to feature our unsung community heroes from Acts. Our community heroes are volunteers who have a full schedule on other days. Yet without fail, they have been consistently spending their Saturdays for years to make a difference in someone else’s life through Acts Community outreach. What drives them? Let’s find out!

Christine Lim
“If I can take 30 minutes from my house to a shopping mall in the city, I can take the same amount of time and distance to visit a village. This outreach is just in my neighbourhood.”

Emily Soon
“If I close my eyes and imagine what these people are going through, and if we were to forget about these people because our life is comfortable, then our heart would turn cold and hardened that we would not know what is God’s love.”

“I have always known that there is something important about children. Over the years, I have seen these children asked their parents, ‘How come they can go to school but I cannot.’ Even gifted children among them cannot go to school. There is something more that we must give.”
Timothy Kwan
“The knowledge that there is this bond with the community really keeps me going. It is a two way thing, I get blessed by the love that they show to me. These kids are really loveable kids. Even though they have a lot of challenges, they are still loving and warm.”
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You could be a Community Hero too!

Would you like to join these Community Heroes to make a difference?
A little can go a long way. One Saturday a month.

Be a Community Hero today!

Muhibbah Marketplace was a colourful bazaar cum experiential exhibition that was powered by Village Store House (VSH) – one of our transformational businesses – for a week in September to encourage community support for refugees and other marginalized communities in Malaysia.

The bazaar managed to raise sufficient funds to support the medical bills of a group of refugees in the Klang Valley.

At the same time, this event succesfully drew a greater level of public awareness towards our community-based medical clinic, Klinik Kecheerian’s social cause.

Acts Church recently gave RM3000.00 to Sulawesi Relief Fund in partnership with NECF.

Pertubuhan Iringan Kasih is a community project by Love Subang to provide shelter for mothers with unplanned pregnancies to carry out their pregnancies to full term instead of aborting the unborn babies. Since 2014, Acts Church has contributed a total of RM 20,168.00, and this project has helped 6 mothers, out of which 4 babies have been successfully adopted and 2 mothers chose to keep their babies.

FB: @iringankasih

RM3 of every cup you purchase from Froth will go towards DVFA’s inaugural Community Shield which provides a platform for underprivileged children from marginalised communities within Subang Jaya/ USJ and Sunway to cultivate their passion for football and love for life. This event takes place on the 10th of November and seeks a sponsorship of RM4,500 to organise.

Home Bakers United will be conducting another baking class with the refugees in partnership with UNHCR this Saturday!

Klinik Kecheerian has received its licence to operate!

This medical clinic at Summit Shopping Mall (1st floor) is one with a social cause! Every paying patient helps to support a patient from the marginalised communities in and around Subang Jaya – in partnership with those who work amongst the Refugees in our area.

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Baby Samuel is an abandoned refugee child, he was very sick when he was born 3 years ago, and had to be dependent on tubes and machines. One of our partners met him and out of love, she started to care for him. Doctors said that his chance of survival was very low but over the past few years, Samuel has proved to be an amazing fighter.

However, Samuel needs to go through another urgent treatment next week that costs approximately RM5,000 – this is to change his PEG feeding tube.

To contribute, kindly email: info@actschurch.org