01 May 2024   -  Acts e-Newsletter

Acts e-Newsletter (May 2024 Issue)


In 1994, God gave a vision to Pastor Kenneth (our Founding Senior Pastor) – the vision started with a dark cloud covering the land of Malaysia… and suddenly sparks of fire started in one spot, then another, and another, and another… one by one, the sparks then started to gather and form bigger fires, lighting up the land. And then, the fires started to shoot out from Malaysia into other parts of the world!

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Fire speaks of change.

Change for the better.

Through the years, we have started different community efforts and social businesses in various industries to help young people realise their dreams and to reach and raise the underprivileged in communities.

Just to share a few…

In a recent episode of Chin Up Show, Pastor Kenneth sat down with Coach Chandreshan and Dominic Jugah to explore Dominic’s remarkable three-year journey from being an ordinary teenager to representing Malaysia as a National Powerlifter at just 18 years old. Discover the dedication, resilience, and transformative power of pursuing one’s dreams

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Dream Village Football Club (DVFC)

DVFC has been impacting many young lives from the B40 group since its birth – giving the youths a chance to pursue their dreams!

Photos taken from the contract signing ceremony (7 May 2023) in preparation of a new season as our club was promoted to Division 2 of the Football Association of Selangor (FAS).

Life Inspired Network Society (LINetS)

LINetS was birthed to inspire life specifically through suicide prevention and to promote mental health. We are thankful for open doors to bring awareness to schools, colleges and universities!

Pertubuhan Keperluan Khas Timothy (timMy)

timMy, our special needs society dedicated to building a supportive community of families raising children with special needs, is ready to serve you!

New podcasts!

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We are launching our first-ever fire stickers pack!

Yes, our very own – designed in-house!

We want to spread the fire and share this with all of you. We desire to see many lives changed and transformed by God’s power!

Join us in this movement and “spread the fire and love of God” through the different platforms: Whatsapp, Telegram, and Instagram.

Here’s how to get the stickers.

Let’s spread the fire!!!


You can use the stickers on Instagram by searching up actschurch

Let’s spread the fire!

Let's Spread the Fire 2024

Check out other clips related to fire here too!

Set it on Fire Again

Branded with God’s Fire

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