16 June 2022   -  Weekly Announcements

19th – 25th June 2022

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Acts Teens : Meet The Parents

Date: 16th July 2022 (Saturday)
Time: 4pm – 530pm
Platform: Zoom (Online)

Do you find it difficult to talk to your teen about sex? For some, talking about sex with your teen(s) can be uncomfortable, terrifying, and awkward, but it is a topic that must be conversed through the right platform and with the right people. 

Research has shown that children as young as 3 are already forming an understanding of sex and sexuality. 
If they are not getting information from the right sources, they are going to seek and get information from elsewhere to answer their curiosity! 

This talk aims to equip parents/guardians on how to start a talk to their teens about sex and their sexuality. Sign up today at bit.ly/ActsTeensMTP, no fees are required. 

Acts Teens Live: June 2022

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